Turkish Airlines Launches Denver to Istanbul Service

Turkish Airlines Denver Tab Hauser
GoNomad Travel on hand at the Four Seasons Denver to capture the news

Colorado Residents Have Easier Access to the World Through Turkish Airlines

By Tab Hauser
GoNOMAD Senior Writer

At a spectacular Four Seasons launch party complete with Turkish food, art, music, and fanfare, Turkish Airlines announced its new nonstop service from Denver to Istanbul.

This will be the carrier’s longest direct flight. This will also be Denver’s longest flight to anywhere at 6,130 miles beating what was previously to Narita Japan at 5,788 miles.

Turkish Food at Denver Istabul Launch
Turkish food was served during the launch

Turkish Airlines will not just connect Colorado with Turkiye. With Turkish Airlines having more international connections worldwide (outside the USA) than any other airline, people leaving Denver will have easier access to the world.

It will also be at competitive airfares. Denver Mayor Mike Johnston saidThis not just opens Denver to Istanbul…It opens up opportunities for us in India, Africa, and the Middle East”  

The airline will also allow free stopovers in Istanbul when making its easy connections to other destinations.  Flights leaving Denver will be Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays on a wide-body Airbus A-350-900 holding 316 passengers.

Denver will be Turkish Airlines’s 14th United States destination. It will also be the 26th airline to fly here.

Turkish Marbling Art
Turkish marbling art was demonstrated during the event

At the launch party, it was learned that the new service between Denver and Istanbul would bring approximately $54 million to Colorado’s economy.

It will also add 350 new jobs. According to Denver International Airport, passenger demand between Istanbul and Denver has increased by 50 percent since 2019, and it hopes this new direct connection will further boost demand for business and tourism.

The airline will offer economy and business class seats.  Economy seats are affordable, and comfortable with power, entertainment, a welcome pack, and meals.  Business class will offer reclining seats that lay flat for sleeping, travel amenity kits, and an in-flight menu of gourmet dishes prepared onboard by itsFlying Chefs.’

Turkish Airlines first crew to land in Denver posing with it Chairman Ahmet Bolant
Turkish Airlines’s first crew to land in Denver posing with its Chairman Mr. Ahmet Bolant

 During the opening reception, after Turkish Airline Chairman Mr. Ahmet Bolat’s speech, he casually walked about the photo displays with guests proudly pointing out Turkiye’s rich history.

The reception also included a Turkish calligrapher and an expert in helping guests do marbling. Marbling is an unusual form of painting on water and with it transferring it to paper. It was developed during the Ottoman Empire in the 13th century.


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2 thoughts on “Turkish Airlines Launches Denver to Istanbul Service

  1. Very cool to read that Turkish Airlines is now flying direct to Denver, Colorado.

    In typical GoNOMAD fashion, Tad Hauser covered this regionally significant travel event nicely!

  2. What a great launch and a tremendous gift for Denver fliers. Thanks for all the wonderful details on the airline, the stopover capabilities, and all around information!

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