Tab Hauser

Tab Hauser left the business world in 2013 and reinvented himself as a professional photographer and travel writer. His travels have taken him to seven continents and 85 countries so far. During the summer he is captain of Glen Cove Cruises. Find him on Facebook @TabHauser Follow him on Instagram.

Strangers dancing at 10:30 to a street artist

Lisbon in Three Days

Lisbon has definitely been discovered: it’s one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Here is a comprehensive guide to Lisbon’s attractions.

Frigate Bay Beach

Savvy About St. Kitts

St. Kitts in the Caribbean, an island with many interesting sights and gorgeous beaches. Take a tour the island and find the best lodgings and dining.

Nevis My Dream Tab Hauser

Nevis Nice!

Nevis…is nice! This small Caribbean island has a lot of charms but also doesn’t have the crowds and hype of other islands.

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