Valentines Ideas for Lovers and Family

Rockport Romance lobster delivery
How about a Maine Lobster Dinner for Two? Delivered?

Rockport Romance, a special gift edition from Lobster Anywhere, is quite a hearty treat for a Valentines gift. This dinner comes with two one and 1/2 pound live Maine lobsters, clam chowder, and, for a sweet ending, Harbor Sweets handmade chocolates. Being a one-of-a-kind combo that fits all exceptional seafood together, this is the most demanding one among our lobster collections. Lobster is the most sought-after shellfish in the world and is considered the best among the seafood varieties.

The Rockport Romance is a specially curated seafood package that would become a wholesome holiday treat. Beautifully presented, with custom packing, this is a must-try with your loved one to make the best of Valentine’s Day. Delivered fresh and made exclusively for lobster lovers, this food comes to your front door with free shipping, too. Being sustainably sourced, a tasty lobster dinner adds flavor to celebrate a romantic night at home.

Rockport Romance $219

Fort Mose kente cloth firebush jumpsuit

Fort Mose Kente Cloth Clothing from Ghana for Men and Women

Fort Mose 1738 is a new line of fashion for men and for women made in Accra, Ghana, the vibrant city known as “the capital of cool.” The looks from dresses and jumpsuits or pantsuits to men’s shirts/shorts/pants pairings as well as classic suits are fresh and contemporary in a kaleidoscopic array of colors made from Kente, a silk and cotton blend with golden threads and 100% cotton in bold, playful prints.

The name, Fort Mose 1738, refers to the first place in America slaves from West Africa were allowed to gather freely, a Spanish Fort near St Augustine, Florida now a national park and the site of a popular annual jazz festival.  Priced from $150 to $500+

Fort Mose women’s firebush Jumpsuit

peacock kimono

Elegant Peacock Kimonos Custom Made by Annika Connor

Artwork is paired with luxury in this line of striking kimonos. Dramatic and eye catching this Peacock Kimono offers chic and elegant style. Perfect for special occasions, gallery shows, weekends away, a day at the beach, or lounging at home.

The Peacock design is based on Annika Connor‘s watercolor painting titled Amedeo.This Kimono is custom made when you order it so you can pick your preferred fabric and then choose between black, dark gray, or cream for trim and belt colors.

Available in a sexy sheer Chiffon fabric or a comfy Silky Knit fabric.

Chiffon fabric, made from lightweight chiffon fabric, 100% polyester. Every kimono robe is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada.

Peacock Kimono by Annika Connor

Il Romanzo two bottle wine coolerA Two Bottle Wine Cooler from Il Romanzo

The Il Romanzo 2-bottle open wine cooler  boasts a sleek, upscale and practical design that complements any decor. Its  modern European design keeps wine at the perfect temperature and ready to be served. The digital control panel allows easy adjustment of the temperature while the open top keeps bottles in an upright position.

A luxe touch for parties and get-togethers, the cooler would be a welcomed gift for wine lovers made by a company that’s revered by private wine collectors and commercial cellars worldwide. A digital control panel allows you to adjust the temperature of the cooler with ease while the open top allows open bottles to be cooled in an upright position. It is perfect for keeping wine at the perfect temperature during parties and get-togethers making it essential for those who love to entertain!

Il Romanzo 2-bottle open wine cooler $279


Copper Real Aspen Leaf Earrings with Turquoise

Embrace nature’s beauty with our stunning Copper Aspen Leaf Earrings with Turquoise from Bucakroobling. These earrings feature real, delicate aspen leaves electroplated in copper, bringing a touch of the great outdoors with you wherever you go. The addition of genuine Kingman turquoise lends a pop of color and unique character to each earring. And, with allergy friendly niobium ear wires, these earrings aren’t only pretty but also gentle on your ears. Made in Kalispel MT.

BuckarooBling earrings $110

Kori Krill oilKori Krill Oil: What Says I Love You More?

What says “I love you” more than showing your care for the overall health and wellness of your loved one? Kori Krill Oil Omega-3s are the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for the health and self-love enthusiast as the variety of product formulations support heart, brain, joint, eye, skin, and immune health to keep you strong and healthy for all of your winter and spring travel plans.”

Kori Krill Oil 800 ml 90 tablets $39

Palm Leaf Tableware

Palm Leaf Tableware: The Ultimate Eco Flex

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with Dtocs palm leaf tableware – the eco-friendly choice for a pampering, hassle-free dining experience. Our elegant, disposable tableware means easy clean-up, giving you more quality time with your loved one. Savor the romance and indulge in sustainability.

Purchase it here:  Use coupon code Dtocs10 at checkout for 10%off and free shipping on website orders.

Vitapod Packs a Punch in a Water Bottle

H2O Audio - Tri PRO Headphones

Tri PRO Multi-Sport Headphones: Use them Underwater!

H2O Audio’s bone conduction Tri PRO Multi-Sport headphones were designed for all sports — swimming, biking, running, hiking, paddling, surfing, skiing, snowboarding. They are 100% waterproof (IPX 8 rating), are Bluetooth enabled, and have a built-in MP3 player with 8 GB of memory that will hold thousands of songs.

The most unique feature is the PLAYLIST+ tech, which is like your old-school tape recorder and mixtapes. It lets you load/record audio streaming from the Bluetooth connection and store it into the memory of the headphones to be played later during your sports activity without the need for your phone.
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Tri PRO Multi-Sport headphones

That's It Truffles

Dark Chocolate Espresso Truffles from That’s It…Need We Say More?

That’s it. Dark Chocolate Espresso Truffles are like having a shot of espresso while being enrobed in 60% cacao dark chocolate. These Truffles are certified organic, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and free of the top 12 food allergens. You can find them on Amazon and they recently launched in Thrive Market.

“We wanted to create a snackable coffee solution that not only tastes great but also aligns with our commitment to simplicity and clean ingredients. Our Dark Chocolate Espresso Truffles deliver on both fronts,” said Dr. Lior Lewensztain, Founder and CEO of That’s it.

That’s It Truffles $26.99Valentines Socks No Cold Feet

Love Socks for Valentines

No Cold Feet’s Valentine’s Day: Two Sock Gift Box is the perfect valentine’s day gift for men. The gift box includes two pairs of fun, comfortable, soft socks and is wrapped with a label of your choice. Label Options include You’re my sole mate, I toe-tally Dig You, and Happy Valentine’s Day or feel free to customize the message.

No Cold Feet Socks

Capture Every Travel Adventure With Ringo

Ringo water bottle phone holderWhether you’re hiking in the mountains, exploring new cities or taking selfies while sailing the seas, Ringo has got your back (and your phone’s angle).

This clever invention that has revolutionized the way we use our phones. It combines the functionality of a water bottle with the convenience of a tripod, using mag-safe technology, making it an essential item for any adventure.

Ringo makes capturing memories effortless and hassle-free, and that’s not all.

Ringo Water Bottle $49

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