The Best Luggage to Invest in This Fall

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These Luggage Brands Offer Many Innovations

Every traveler knows that the proper luggage can make or break your travel experience. The last thing you want while taking an international trip is to have your wheel or handle break, your valuables inside get damaged, or you get charged outrageous fees for overweight bags.

How much to check a second bag? The answer is right here. luggage
What is your style of luggage? Find the right bag right here!

 The organization of your bag is vital because you do not want to struggle to find something at every turn, so consider options that have built-in organizers or ones available to purchase. 

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Here are some things to consider when deciding which luggage is right for you:

  • Price: Finding the balance between cost-effective solutions and those that won’t last can be tricky. It does not always mean that more expensive equals better, but you do need to invest a little to get good quality. 
  • Durability: You do not want to replace your luggage after just one use or have it fall apart while on the road. Durable luggage is essential, so think about what kind of traveling you primarily do, like planes, trains, buses, or backpacking. 
  • Style: Your luggage choice can say much about who you are to other travelers, so you want it to match your style. 
  • Functionality: Do you like checking a bag? Or do you prefer a carry-on? 
  • Weight: Some luggage is heavier than others, so pick a lightweight one if you like to pack a lot. Speaking from personal experience, it can be easy to have extra room inside of your luggage, even though it is overweight at the check-in desk. 

Our 8 Favorite Luggage Brands

For the Eco-conscious: Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover
Dagne Dover

For the eco-conscious traveler, you will be happy to hear that the company focuses on ethical production and many of its products are vegan. They do their best to avoid toxic chemicals and recycle water bottles to make dust bags and lining on their bags.

The products are durable, and three women founded the company, which is a great mission to support. For those that want to be sustainable but do not want to sacrifice style, Dagne Dover is your go-to.  Dagne Dover:

For Functionality: Monos

Although these suitcases are not the cheapest on this list, they are widely considered some of the most durable and functional travel gear on the market.

Monos Carry on

The large check-in bag weighs 10.58 pounds, compared to Away’s 11.6 pounds. That extra pound might save you lots in luggage fees when traveling, especially with smaller airlines if you do not have status. 

We have to add a special shout-out about Monos….GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne has been using two Monos bags for many trips since the summer of 2021 and each has been stuffed hard and held up very well.

Both the large Check-in and the smaller carry-on hold a ton of stuff and are easy to roll around during long walks in today’s large airports. We rolled them in

Away Luggage
Away Luggage

Riyadh and Doho, both huge that have terminals located very far away from each other without a hitch.  Monos


For the Frequent Traveler: Away

The most common comparison between brands is Away and Monos, which each has pros. Away is sleek, sturdy, and a favorite among many digital nomads and full-time travelers, so the company is doing something right.

They have plenty of products to sort through, and the organizational tools designed for their suitcases are next level.  Away

Best Soft-sided Suitcase: Travelpro

Travelpro is a favorite among the airline crew, so you can trust the functionality and durability of the brand. If you prefer soft-sided over a polycarbonate shell, Travelpro will be your best option. The suitcases also feature a top closure rather than a middle closure, so you do not have to worry about carefully packing each side of your bag. Travelpro

Best Budget Option American Tourister

American Tourister
American Tourister

There are plenty of durable, stylish, and high-quality options at American Tourister that will not break the bank. The company also has a partnership with Disney, so you can get co-branded luggage of some of your favorite characters.

You can currently get a 28” spinner checked bag for as little as $112 at the time of writing, which is excellent for families that need to purchase multiple pieces or anyone on a budget. American Tourister


Best Luxury: Rimowa

Rimowa has a hefty price tag, but it is worth it for some luxury travelers. The original travel bag comes at $1,400 but is made of a sturdy aluminum shell.

Rimowa is one of the most iconic travel brands and is a favorite among many celebrities.

If you can afford the price tag, you will join a brand that has been around since 1898. Rimowa does luxury better than anyone. Rimowa

Another Luxe Brand: Tumi


Another luxury travel brand that is slightly cheaper than Rimowa is Tumi. If you prefer a wider variety of recycled hard shells or durable soft shells, Tumi is a great option.

Samsonite, another luggage legend, owns the company, so you can trust the quality. You will find many unique features on Tumi products, like dual-access carry-ons or the Tumi Tracer, which tracks your luggage in the event it gets lost. Tumi


Best Trendy Brand: Béis

You have likely seen Béis while scrolling on Instagram, marketed by founder and actress Shea Mitchell.

Béis does travel basics well, and they are targeting the Gen-Z and influencer crowd through their advertising.

You can purchase a Weekender Bag for just $98, making it affordable while remaining stylish. The company is relatively new and was founded in 2018, so you can expect new products in the next few years. Béis

These eight options are all excellent; it is just up to the individual traveler. Compare these brands with your needs and budget to see which is right for you.

You can mix and match by getting a checked bag from one brand while getting a carry-on from another, or clean out the whole store by getting all your essentials from the same company. No matter which option you choose, have a streamlined travel experience this fall.

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