5 Ways to Travel Long-Term

Long Term Travel is Still Possible

By Oscar Davis

If your limited vacation time is no longer cutting it and you’re aching to do some long-term travel, there are plenty of different ways to go about doing so…and you don’t necessarily need to be a digital nomad.

For many of us, life is too short for the confines of a cubicle. There is a myriad of ways you can live a life on the road, but here are five suggestions to get you started. 

1. Volunteer Your Way

WWOOFing in New Zealand at an organic farm. Stay for free, just do your chores!
WWOOFing in New Zealand at an organic farm. Stay for free, just do your chores!

There are endless opportunities out there for all types of volunteer work, whether it’s volunteering on an organic farm with WWOOF, working with animal rescue groups, or doing humanitarian aid. 

If you’re planning to prolong your travels with volunteer opportunities, you’ll want to save a little nest egg beforehand in case things go wrong (and because most volunteer opportunities require you to pay at least some of your own way). 

You’ll also want to do all the right research to make sure you’re volunteering in an ethical, sustainable way. Not sure what I mean? Check out Grassroots Volunteering to get learn more.

2. Get a Working Holiday Visa  

Many countries (like those in the British Commonwealth, for example) have joint work abroad agreements for young people under a certain age (often 35). This is one of the very best ways to travel long-term—the application process is fairly straightforward and there’s tons of support once you arrive. Madiera, for example, encourages long-term digital nomad travel, and you can stay longer than with a regular visa.

Porto do Seixal Beach
Porto do Seixal Beach. Madeira Tourism photo.

It’s a good way to supplement your income as you’re traveling. For example, you could pick up some bartending jobs while traveling around Australia, or you could actually find a job that’s more aligned with your career goals. 

If you situate yourself in a place like Europe, you’ll be able to do some easy country-hopping in your downtime.

3. Start a Website 

No, I don’t necessarily mean a travel blog. Set up a niche website focused solely on one specific topic, and you’ll be surprised about what opportunities come along.

Once you understand your area of expertise and have started developing content, you can start monetizing. You could set up affiliate links, advertising, or sell your own e-books (or other products). 

Your content should be perfect, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be time-consuming. Even if you’re not a writer, hire someone else to do all the content writing for you. 

Under way during the regatta.
Under way during the regatta. You could crew a yacht like this.

4. Sail on a Yacht

Ever watch Below Deck? Yes, the salty lifestyle of sailors can actually be quite lucrative…and fun! If you have experience working in the service industry, luxury yachts (and cruise ships) are always on the lookout for deckhands and stewards/stewardesses. Sometimes all you need to do is complete a simple course to get started.

In addition to making tips, you’ll also save money in accommodations and food…all while sailing to exciting new destinations and meeting new people. That doesn’t sound so bad, right?

5. Make Your Long-Term Job a Remote One

If you can prove to your employer that you’re a solid worker without having to be in the office all the time, try to negotiate a more flexible work environment. 

Get a job working at home for the long-term, even after the Covid is gone.
Get a job working at home, even after the Covid is gone.

If there’s anything that the COVID-19 pandemic taught us, it’s that those of us who want to work from home perform just as well as anyone in the office. And yes, that meeting definitely could have been an email.

If you can prove that you’re productive, punctual, and completely capable of time management, talk to your employer about working remotely. 

Tip of the Iceberg

These 5 ways to travel long-term are just the tip of the iceberg. You have tons of opportunities in front of you! Do your research and let us know where you end up.

oscar davis unsmushedOscar Davis is a freelance writer living in Leeds, England. He is a regular contributor to newspapers in the UK and GoNOMAD Travel.

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