For Dad’s Day, Find Something He Will Love

Meteor massage ball
The Myostorm Meteor heated massage ball in use.

What’s New for a Last Minute Dad’s Gift?

New products including CameraReady lighting, Smile LED Lantern, Myostorm massage ball
Kiva’s Lightweight Headlamp Leads the Way Kiva Headlamp

The Kiva is a lightweight, waterproof, and sustainably-made headlamp that is extremely easy to travel with and carry for everyday use. It provides 150 Lumens with a light setting memory recall and an easy one-hand adjustable bezel with an integrated USB charger.

Its low-profile design keeps the center of gravity close to the head, preventing the headlamp from moving up and down—making it perfect for running, hiking, and biking.

Lander Traveler's Backpack

Kiva Headlamp  $50

Lander’s Traveler Backpack: Perfect Weekend Bag

The Traveler 35L roll-top backpack is your perfect weekend bag. Built for 3-4 day adventures, the Traveler allows you to take your tech. This bag includes a Crash Pad that can house up to a 17″ laptop, tablet, smartphone, and more.

Made of TPU coated rip-stop material, it is waterproof, impact protective, and breathable. The Crash Pad also features the hot route—inner wireways for your charging cables.

Lander Traveler Backpack $175

camera ready lightingGet Ready for Your Zoom Close-Up!

CameraReady Lighting-No Filter Needed! Make yourself look so much better on Zoom calls and whenever you use your computer video camera with these pro-style lights!

Awarded an honorable mention in the 2020 LIT Lighting Design Awards. Zoom meetings (personally and professionally) are not going away-and certainly not during summer travel-bring your Zoom lighting with you! Christien Methot, EMMY® Nominated Lighting Designer designed the LiteBars during the pandemic for professional lighting at a fraction of the cost.

Designed specifically to be sleek, lightweight, and portable to take on location or in your hotel room! Easy to set up, the Lightbars can be positioned horizontally (like newscasters) and/or vertically depending on the need. No filters needed here.

Camera-Ready Lighting  $199

smile lantern

An LED Lantern that will Make You Smile

Today SMiLE Soft LED Night Lanterns make everyone smile! The camouflage lanterns have glow-in-the-dark bodies that can recharge in any light when the LED mode is off.

A good staple to have for camping, outdoor sleepovers, at camp, in your RV, car, or home in case of an emergency! Playful and happy these LED lanterns are a cheerful light source for all ages. Comes in a charming gift box. Smile Lantern

Myostorm Massage Ball

A self-heating, vibrating, massage therapy ball combining Heat with MyoStorm’s Ultrasoothe Vibration technology, designed to facilitate muscle recovery and help reduce chronic pain. Its Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for stiff muscles, knots, soreness after workouts, and is perfectly calibrated for everyday aches and pains.

Use the Meteor before physical activities to improve mobility and decrease the chance of injury. The Ultrasoothe vibration in the Meteor helps activate your muscle fibers.

This vibration, paired perfectly with the heat, improves blood flow and helps you avoid injuries that come from stiff muscles and joints.

You can use the Meteor before any activity such as:

Gosun solar flashlight-The gym-Your daily run-The big game-Yoga

Myostorm Meteor exercise ball $149

Gosun’s Solar Flashlight Never Needs Batteries

This rechargeable solar flashlight packs 280 lumens of on demand light. With an integrated solar panel, it has the ability to recharge slowly using solar energy alone, but can also be recharged with the included USB cord, or quickly with the 10 watt solar phone charger.

It has a solar lantern mode, spotlight ability and a red strobe emergency setting. A magnetic back allows for hands free use.

Gosun solar flashlight $29

Travel with the Proper Harber of London Dopp KitDopp Kit from Harber London

This elegant butter-soft leather Dopp kit is perfect for your toiletries and more. It has a built-in pocket inside, soft fabric lining
and the compact body fits inside most bags.

Perfect for EarPods, chargers, mouse, cords, notepads, pens and more.
handmade by expert craftsmen in Spain, and made with full-grain vegetable tanned cowhide leather.

Harber of London Dopp Kit $129

Myostorm vibrating heater massager: Shark Tank Approved

This ball is both a massager and it vibrates to help you relax before or after a workout.

Voormi base layerVoormi Merino River Shirt Base Layer Hoodie

Fishing, hiking, camping, climbing, or hanging out, the River Run Hoodie is designed for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Thanks to advanced technology, it is one of the lightest full-cover Merino wool hoodies on the market and keeps both sun and sweat off your skin, so you’re protected and dry all day, every day, with a relaxed fit.

This is a very thin piece, but merino wool provides warmth. In black and natural.

Voormi River Run Hoodie. $129

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