OurBus and Rally Unite to Advance Bus Transportation

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Rally and OurBus Have Joined Forces for Mass Mobility

By Aysia Reed

OurBus and Rally have united as one to advance mass transportation. Together, they have created the leading company in the United States for broadening transit. But, what are OurBus and Rally?

OurBus photo.
OurBus photo.

Before joining forces, OurBus’s main activity was intercity travel. OurBus has over 100 locations across the United States and has an outstanding 4.5/5 star rating.

Rally specialized in organizing event charters across 40 different states with their bus rideshare app. Music festivals, weddings, and business meetings are some of the activities that Rally’s event charters have been utilized for.

OurBus and Rally raised $10 million to use for the development and management of the buses. The companies also teamed with both strategic and financial investors for guidance on their collaboration.

Executives from big brand names, such as Uber, also joined forces with OurBus and Rally on their advisory board.

Features that the companies have excelled on compared to modern bus companies include the easy online booking, high-quality operators, incorporation of a technology orientated experience, and customer centric-policies.

Two Companies Together

All of these together have created OurBus and Rally’s success as the top-rated mass mobility company in the United States. Transportation is now more easily accessible and reaches more areas across the country.

Bus user Evelyn Batoon spoke about her son’s positive experience with OurBus.

“OurBus was a lifesaver when my son went to George Washington for college. He can conveniently hop on to the bus when he has to come home or when he has to go back to DC. He had several drop-off choices such as Hamilton, NJ, Princeton, NJ, or even New Brunswick which is just a short train ride to Princeton Junction,” said Batoon.

Convenience is an important factor that the two bus companies promise to their users. With our current times, cleanliness is also a key factor to travel experiences, especially on transportation.

“The buses were clean and the drivers are polite and friendly. I wish OurBus will continue to serve commuters nationwide,” added Batoon.

Custom Bus Rides

OurBus and Rally are also allowing riders to create their very own custom bus ride. With Rally’s app, bus goers can search for venues or events of their choosing, and if it is not listed, they can put in their own customizable destination.

Joe P. was another bus rider that had an excellent experience with OurBus and Rally’s collaboration. Joe was aboard the Milwaukee Brat House Party Bus to the Redskins at the Packers game.

Passengers at their event. Rally photo.

“This was my second time doing the Lambeau Field shuttle & tailgate experience. Both times I came up from Dallas, this time we added a family member from Tampa.

It was the first time to Lambeau for 2 of the 3 in our group. We had an absolute blast, it is impressive how easy, fun and efficient the entire experience was from start to finish, which is why I decided to rebook for our Packers/Lambeau gameday needs,” said Joe P about his experience.

On top of customizing your own destination, you can also create your own safety standards to ensure a sterile and secure journey.

The travel conditions and environment will be catered to your needs, and special arrangements can also be made.

For bus rides through Rally and OurBus, the comfort of the traveler is one of their top priorities.

Every passenger is allowed two carry-ons, two large items to store in the undercarriage (don’t be shy, bring along your grill or cooler, they have room for it) all expenses for tolls or gas are paid ahead of time, and if you are really looking for a good time, bring along some alcohol for the trip.

Yes, alcohol is allowed for the bus ride, just no glass containers!

While you are at your event, you are more than welcome to leave any items on the locked bus because the same bus you took to the event will be the same bus that you departed on.

For exceedingly long trips over four hours, rest trip stops will be made to meet your comfort needs.

Passengers relaxing. OurBus photo.

First aid kits also come equipped with every bus to ensure safety.

Before your journey begins, you have the option to sign up as a bus captain volunteer. Bus captains are riders who voluntarily choose to aid in minor trip duties.

Bus captains also help passengers with checking in and assuring that everyone is aware of the details of finding their bus, and when they need to board once their event is over.

Captains may also get a special reward at the end from the bus company! If this sparks your interest, you can sign up for the position in the same area that you book your seats.

To communicate with riders before the trip, passengers can choose to get the Rally Rider app. The app allows for travelers going to the same event to easily communicate and chat with others on the same trip.

Discounts Available!

Discounts and coupons are available for the bus journeys.

For every friend that uses your personalized referral link, you will receive a $5 off coupon for your next trip. They also offer a rewards miles program, which will earn you $1 off your next ride every 20 traveled miles.

Bus rides will typically have 25 passengers who are all going in the same direction for their destination. OurBus and Rally made the decision to have 25 riders in order to keep the prices low for travelers; there is rarely a time where there are less than 25 people.

Network to Atlantic City

An intercity bus service from New York to Atlantic City is a new feature of OurBus and Rally. There are more scheduled times, new departure points, and an increase in trip flexibility.

The pricing of the bus tickets are based on a fair and affordable price, starting at just $20. Booking earliest as possible will help guarantee this low ticket price.

The bus ride typically takes just under 3 hours, and covers 96 miles. The fastest bus only takes 2 hours.

Atlantic City, New Jersey by night. Ron Miguel photo.
Atlantic City, New Jersey by night. Ron Miguel photo.

Four times a day, there are departures that connect New York City with Galloway, New Jersey, and casinos in Atlantic City. Resorts, Tropicana, and Caesars are the casinos that Ourbus connects routes with.

OurBus has brought together privately owned bus lines with their own buses to create a joint network system. This investment helps broaden the amount of the city’s visitors, which also helps advance the tow.

Not only is OurBus helping to transform Atlantic City’s appeal, they are also assisting in eliminating the amount of cars on the road.

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