Play like a Rockstar at Nashville’s Hutton Hotel

Music room at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville.
Music room at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville.

Hutton Hotel offers musical instruments to satisfy your inner Rockstar

The West Writers Studio at the Hutton hotel was designed by country rockstar Dierks Bentley.
The West Writers Studio at the Hutton hotel was conceptualized by country rockstar Dierks Bentley and brought to life by Studio 11 Design.

The Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee maintains the rock-and-roll spirit of its famous city by letting guests live the life of luxury of a rock star while giving them the means to create their own music too.

The Hutton hotel has two Writers Studios for those who get inspired while traveling around the most iconic rock-and-roll city in the United States.

Each studio is fully equipped with all the instruments and technology necessary to jam-out.

The Hutton Hotel is located in Nashville’s Midtown neighborhood, close to the heart of Music Row. This Four-star hotel contains 250 guestrooms, 3 penthouse suites, and the Analog, a 5,000 square-foot cocktail bar and entertainment venue with a long list of upcoming musical acts.

In addition to offering plenty of opportunities for guests to enjoy the unique musical atmosphere of Nashville, the Hutton hotel gives its guests the chance to partake in the music too.

The Writers Studios

The two studios represent different genres of classic rock-and-roll. The West studio was designed by country-rock superstar

Dale McCarty
Dale McCarty General Manager of the Hutton Hotel.

Dierks Bentley.

The 500 square foot, terra cotta tiled studio has a “southwestern meets retro décor,” and is armed to the teeth with Martin guitars, including the Dreadnought Jr, 000-15SM, and the HD28.

These famous guitars are further enhanced by a Supro 1695T Black Magick Tube Amp. The studio is also equipped with soundproof booths for recording vocals and guitar.

The East studio was designed by the lead singer of OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder, and offers an entirely different vibe to the process of songwriting.

This 500 square-foot studio designed with oak flooring, a spacious sound booth, and plenty of leather furniture perfectly suits musicians who want to relax while they write songs.

The East studio offers a variety of Gibson guitars to choose from, including ES-275, J45, Epiphone: Jack Cassidy Bass, and Les Paul Standard.

The East Studio offers a more relaxed vibe of the two Writers Studios.
The East Studio offers a more relaxed vibe of the two Writers Studios.

Premium Music Making Gear to Use

Other equipment featured in both studios includes FLEA microphones, Soyuz SU-017 Large-Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone, iMac 27inch, Roland RD-2000 88-key Stage Piano, ATC Loudspeakers, Dangerous Music Monitor ST, Redco Little Red Cue Box, and much more.

With premium recording equipment and top-of-the-line guitars and microphones, the Writers Studios at the Hutton Hotel can satisfy the most hardcore and professional musicians.

Fancy equipment and decorative décor aside, by performing at the Writers Studio at the Hutton Hotel, you can, therefore, say you have recorded your own music in the same booth that Maren Morris recorded her hit song, “The Middle.” Request forms for the Writers Studio can be filled out online and pricing is subject to availability.

Fender Play in-room service

Both studioes offer the best instruments and equipment for playing and recording your music.
Both studioes offer the best instruments and equipment for playing and recording your music.

The Writers Studio isn’t the only opportunity for guests staying at the Hutton Hotel to rock-out.

In collaboration with Fender, the world’s leading guitar manufacturer, the Fender Play in-room experience allows Hutton Hotel guests to play instruments in the comfort of their own room.

Fender Guitars on Loan

Fender Play has a wide variety of guitars, basses, and ukuleles to perform with.

Fender offers some of its best guitars for this service, including the Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Jazzmaster.

It also provides guests with a Mustang™LT25 amplifier, headphones, and an iPad with the Fender Play app.

The Fender Play app is described by the Hutton Hotel as “A guided learning path and bite-sized lessons have users playing their favorite songs in minutes and brushing up on valuable skills with high-quality video lessons taught by top instructors.”

The app adapts to the musician’s skill-level and genre preference. In addition to all this, guests who take part in the Fender Play service will continue to have free access to the Fender Play app for the following three months.

The lobby of the Hutton hotel. Nils Schlebusch photo.
The lobby of the Hutton hotel. Nils Schlebusch photo.

“We are thrilled to announce the Fender Play In-Room Experience in partnership with Fender,” said Dale McCarty, Hutton Hotel General Manager.

Infusing Guests with Music

“The collaboration speaks to our continued dedication to infusing the guest experience with the creativity that is at the heart of Nashville and to the art of making music.

Having hosted some of the industry’s biggest names on the Analog stage, this in-room amenity is a new way for our guests to find inspiration within the artistic enclave of Hutton Hotel.”

The Fender Play service and all the equipment that comes with it is free to use for guests at the Hutton hotel. Guests are also allowed to pick-out multiple instruments at the same time.

The Fender Play in-room service can be booked online before you book your stay, or you can speak to the hotel’s Concierge team after settling into your room. Either way, the service is easily accessible and fun to use for experienced and beginner musicians alike.

The Analog cocktail bar inside the Hutton hotel. Tim Williams photo.
The Analog cocktail bar inside the Hutton hotel. Tim Williams photo.

Stephanie Maida, a guest at the Hutton hotel who tried the Fender Play, said the following about the service: “(It’s) so fun and unique. You’re so surrounded by music and music history in Nashville and I was able to feel like I was a part of it, just jammin’ out in my hotel room like some country star on the road.

“I thought it was a great service that really speaks to the clientele, whether they’re newbies like me or full-blown musicians. If you’re a musician visiting Nashville, it’s totally worth staying at the Hutton hotel for.”

Other Services and Specialties at the Hutton Hotel

The Mane & Rye at the Hutton hotel can satisfy all your dining needs with its all-day breakfast, lunch, happy hour, supper and weekend brunches.

The bar features a wide array of drinks, including rye whiskey, cocktails, and boozy milkshakes. In addition to the food, the Mane & Rye also has pinball, shuffleboard, and live music every day of the week.

In the lobby of the Hutton hotel, guests can find house-made donuts, fresh coffee, and Garden teas. Teas come from Nashville’s High Garden Tea.

Mane & Rye restaurant and bar inside the Hutton hotel. Nils Schlebusch photo.
Mane & Rye restaurant and bar inside the Hutton hotel. Nils Schlebusch photo.

For those guests who prefer to listen to music overplaying it, the Hutton hotel has offers fittingly special to America’s greatest rock-and-roll city.

Guests can request that a record player be brought into their room along with a collection of vinyl albums.

There are also plenty of chances to listen to live music while you eat and drink at the restaurants inside the hotel.



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