Ushuaia, Argentina Destination Guide

Hotel Los Lengas Ushuaia
Hotel Los Lengas Ushuaia

When to Visit Ushuaia and Other Questions

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Ushuaia is the southernmost town in the world, flanked by the most southern point of the Andes Mountain range. If you are interested in hopping on a boat to Antarctica, it is from Ushuaia that you would do so! The end of the world is an incredible place. Visit Ushuaia.


As Ushuaia is at the bottom of the Southern Hemisphere, the best time to go is from December through March. Even in summer, however, the weather can be fickle.


A snowcapped mountain near Ushuaia, Argentina, near the Cape Horn, South America.
A snowcapped mountain near Ushuaia, Argentina, near the Cape Horn, South America.

The most direct way to get to Ushuaia is a direct flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which takes three hours. Alternatively, you can fly from Rio Gallegos in Argentinean Patagonia, which takes one hour.

If you are adventurous, take the 12-hour bus/boat trip from Punta Arenas and cross over the Magellan Straits. This journey takes you across the whole Tierra Del Fuego island and its diverse scenery.


From Ushuaia’s pier, you take a boat trip along the famous Beagle Channel. Sail through the breeze that propelled Darwin past the colonies of penguins, seals, and rare nesting birds.


The chairlift to Glacier Martial. Though there are great hikes and views at the top, it is hit or miss whether you can actually FIND the glacier!


The full day hike through the National Park. Just a 40-minute local bus ride from the town center, you can trek along the windswept coast and to the national borderline with Chile, marked by a rusty orange buoy.


  • Located just outside of town, Hotel Las Lengas is a more upscale hotel, offering quieter views of the Beagle Channel.
  • Posada Fueguina, perched high on the hill a couple of blocks from downtown, offers cute individual cabanas and wonderful personal service. website


  • Rest Y Confiteria Diaz has the best selection of all kinds of local fish, especially crab, as well as huge Argentinean steaks.
  • Café De La Esquina has an outstanding selection of desserts and wines.
  • The Food Garden offers the best cappuccinos.
  • Dining in Ushuaia, from TripAdvisor
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