Useful Travel Essentials

Useful Travel Essentials 10
The Latest and Greatest Travel Items

by Jill Webb and Jackie Cohen

Do you find your travel luggage and gadgets old and outdated every time you take them on a trip? Fear not, because companies in 2018 are putting out the latest innovations to make your travel go as smoothly as possible. Don’t zip up your suitcase without packing these items for your next getaway.
Useful Travel Essentials 11
Eagle Creek Upright Roller Bag
This Eagle Creek carry-on bag has all the bells and whistles to create a seamless onboard experience, but the details fall flat when it comes to function. It can unzip into two bags if needed, but when the parts are zipped together, it is nearly impossible to access the middle of the bag. Pockets become tight without wiggle room when it is completely zipped.

The bag itself is sturdy and well built, but falls forward away from the wheels when packed, even with its stability stand, unable to stay upright on its own. The hardback case creates an awkward feeling when all of the features in use, the price for this bag is not worth the frustrating experience. EAGLE CREEK MORPHUS 22 ROLLING UPRIGHT AND DUFFEL BAG (BLACK)$399

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Eagle Creek Global Companion Travel Pack
Eagle Creek’s Global Companion 40L Travel Pack is essential for a traveler who is juggling a lot of items. Doubling as a backpack and suitcase, you can unzip the front of the bag to fold out to show two separate mesh sections.

The variety of pockets and compartments in the backpack leaves a space for everything from a sleeve for up to a 17-inch laptop, phone compartments, and exterior pouches for drinks. If you need to up your organization level during travel, this is the backpack for you.

Along with being convenient, the Travel Pack offers comfort with a padded back panel and hip belt. The moisture-wicking straps are designed with shoulder strap adjustors and top load adjusters, which can take some of the strain off for longer journeys. Additionally, use the top, bottom, and side handles to give your shoulders a break.

This bag is a great way to save some cash skipping luggage check and carry your Travel Pack directly on the plane. Eagle Creek Global Companion $159

Useful Travel Essentials 13
Adventure Tape
This unique product is great for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers of every level. The special formula of this mysterious tape helps repair devices and gear by sticking to itself and holding things together without annoying adhesive.

The product is so versatile that it can be used for almost anything, and is a new must-have to keep in your glove compartment or backpack.

Useful Travel Essentials 14
Portable Oven
This product is far from your typical lunchbox. The portable oven allows users to reheat or even cook their food on the go. Users can cook their prepped food at the office in order to maintain the utmost freshness. The days of microwaving leftovers in the office kitchen are over! Now food can be freshly cooked from your desk.

Hot Logic 9×13 Family Size Portable Oven $20-50 depending on size.

Useful Travel Essentials 15
Hit Case Lenses and Photo Case

If you’re an adventurer, and you own a very delicate iPhone, then Hitcase is the ultimate protective case for you. Hitcase is as durable as they come, being waterproof, dust-proof, and mountable which is perfect if you plan on dirt biking anytime soon.

They have a mount for about every situation, including a “ChestR” chest mount, a car/wall mount, and a ShootR, which is a pole with a magnetic end that easily sticks to the new magnetic Crio model of the phone.

Besides all the protective elements, Hitcase knew that rugged adventurers like to take pictures too– especially in the most intense climates. The attachable lens, which comes in macro, wide, and super-wide, are designed so you can capture the exact perspective you want to during your most-thrilling experiences.

The Hitcase is compatible with all models of the iPhone SE, 5, 6, 7, 8, and X. HITCASE CRIO Slim iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus Mountable Lens Photo Case Compatible with Magnetic Wide Angle/Macro Lens and Mounting System

Travel Plug Adapter

Useful Travel Essentials 16You get off the plane, exhausted, and head to your hotel to get some rest before you embark on your latest destination. You go to plug your phone in to charge for the night, and to your horror, the plug won’t fit. You’re stuck in a foreign country with a dead phone. But packing the DuaFire Travel adapter will save you from that scenario.

The Travelba comes in a range of colors and is compact enough to fit in even the smallest of bags. With 4 different plugs, it works in over 150 countries. Don’t be afraid to share with friends, because the device can handle up to three people charging at once, and a built-in overload fuse will turn the charger off if the current goes over 6A.  $13.99

DuaFire Travel Adapter, Universal Power Adapter Plug International Wall Charger with Dual USB Ports

Useful Travel Essentials 17

Traction Cleats for Icy Hikes

If you’ve ever fallen on ice, even as close to your house as your driveway, you’ll love these cleats that affix to the bottom of your sneakers or boots to provide totally slip-free hiking on even sheer ice.  These are lifesavers for anyone over 50 with a fear of falling.

OuterStar Traction Cleats Ice Snow Grips   $18.99

iPhone 8 Case and Screen Protector

Body Guardz iphone 8 case.BodyGuardz iphone 8 case.  This case comes with the ‘ScreenGuardz Pure 2—the first aluminosilicate glass screen protector on the market, the first full-adhesive curved glass screen protector, and Trainr Pro™—the first armband-compatible impact case. BodyGuardz iPhone 8 case  $39.95


Useful Travel Essentials 18
For just $9.95 you can ditch your purse for your next adventure. IsAWallet, with a pretty self-explanatory name, is a clear plastic pouch that sticks on the back of your smartphone. The pouch is tight enough to store credit cards, money, and licenses.

Great for travelers who are trying a more minimalistic approach to getting around, but still need to keep identification and cash on their person. The clear packaging even allows you to have your cards scanned right through the pouch.

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