Bulgaria: Septemvri to Dobriniste by Train

The train from Septemvri to Dobriniste, Bulgaria harkens back to the golden age of train travel By Di Bach It’s the small details–brass coat hooks, tiny semi-circled tables with old-fashioned metal ashtrays underneath, which add a civilized edge to the journey and the otherwise shabby interior of this little train…

Falco standing in front of the romantic gondala in Italy. Paul Wojnicki Photos.

Italy: Traveling By Night Train With My Dog

Traveling Through Italy By Train: A Thello Train Ride with Falco By Paul Wojnicki It’s not the Orient Express, I’ll admit, but after a long day pounding the streets of Paris the Thello feels comfortable enough. The private sleepers are small but cozy and my dog Falco has already made…

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