Matthew Kadey

Registered Dietitian, Nutrition and Travel Writer, Professional Recipe Developer, Travel and Food Photographer, and Cookbook Author. Matthew Kadey has visited Ethiopia, Syria, Myanmar, Jordan, Ireland, New Zealand, Belize, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Mexico. Many of these trips have taken place by bicycle. Sure points A and B are interesting, but it is what's between them that is really exciting.

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Road to Lalibela

The Road to Lalibela: Cycling Ethiopia’s Ancient Heartland – Page Two By Matthew Kadey At roughly a mile long, it would be wise to make it through this treacherous darkness before any one of many screeching diesels takes us out. Knowing Scotty has made it through here before unscathed is…

biking portugals heartland

Biking Portugal’s Heartland – Page Two

Biking Portugal’s Heartland – Page Two By Matthew Kadey Damn Thorns Besides an obnoxious sun, ornery dogs and the demanding terrain with more ups and downs than a ‘80s guitar solo, our biggest nemesis is the thorns. There are many, and, in turn, many flats. After his fourth limp tire…

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