Esha Samajpati

Esha Samajpati worked in advertising in India, before moving to Connecticut and becoming a travel writer. "Even now, when I visit a city, the billboards draw my attention," she says. "How a city advertises tells me a lot about the place and the people."

portsmouth market

Portsmouth: Gateway to NH is Always Worth a Stop

Portsmouth: New Hampshire’s Historic Seaport By Esha Samajpati A Sweet Start to the Day “People come to Portsmouth to eat,” claimed David Hadwen, the owner of Café Espresso. After spending a weekend in the city, we couldn’t agree more. This postcard pretty coastal retreat by the Piscataqua River is a…

durga pujo

Durga Pujo: Kolkata’s Favorite Festival

Snapshots from Kolkata’s Biggest Festival By Esha Sampajpati Being the cultural hot-seat of India has never been easy. Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta was the capital of India under the British Raj until the year 1911. Known for its passion for cricket (thanks to the British) and rosogollas (a savory…

eat pray love

Eat, Pray, Love: We Can’t Stop Talking About It

Why We Can’t Stop Talking About Eat, Pray, Love By Esha Samajpati “I don’t think I will ever write another book as raw, intimate and revealing as Eat, Pray, Love, which I wrote without imagining that millions of people would ever read it,” confesses Elizabeth Gilbert in an interview on…

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