Travel Wear: New Shoes and Clothing for Fall

Find the right travel gear for you! Try out the ECCO Mens BIOM Hike 1.6. Ecco Photos.
Try out the ECCO Mens BIOM Hike 1.6. Ecco Photos.

New Must-Have Clothing for Fall: Coats, Pants and Boots for Travelers

GoNOMAD Editor, Max Hartshorne, modeling the ExOfficio Men's Roundtrip Convertible Jacket.
GoNOMAD Editor, Max Hartshorne, modeling the ExOfficio Men’s Roundtrip Convertible Jacket.ExOfficio Convertible Jackets

By Danielle Aihini

With the coming of fall comes some great new clothing and footwear products that will come in handy for fall excursions. Max Hartshorne is heading out on an eco-tour to the Sinis Peninsula on the island of Sardinia, and to a national park in Provence France. Here are some of the useful and warm clothing items that he’ll pack for these trips.

“The Round Trip is a choose your own adventure jacket.” Perhaps inspired by the success of Scottevest, here’s another way to integrate today’s essential electronics into our clothing.

There really is a pocket for everything! And all inside of the coat to ensure the safety of your belongings. A spot for your pen, a pocket for your ID, a slip for your camera, room for a water bottle, and space for much more, you can fit everything you’ve ever imagined securely inside your coat while you travel. It even has small labels for pockets to show what fits where.

There are also four large pockets on the outside if you can’t fit it all inside — but I’d be surprised if you couldn’t! The coat has a soft and comfortable neckline and sleeves that you can zip on or off for whatever outdoor travel you’re doing. ExOfficio Men’s Roundtrip Convertible Jacket $150.00

Editorial Assitant, Kristen Richard, wearing the Women's Roundtrip Jacket.
Editorial Assitant, Kristen Richard, wearing the Women’s Roundtrip Jacket.

ExOfficio Women’s Round Trip Jacket $120.00

Similar to the men’s jacket, the pocket system inside is perfect for traveling with a passport, camera, phone and any other essentials. The interior drawcord waistband and buttoned cuffs give the jacket a much more stylish feel with a better fit. I would definitely recommend after seeing it.

Icebug Trail Running Shoe

“The holy grail of trail running is to provide both stability and flexibility, but to make a midsole stable yet soft has so far proven too difficult for PD teams worldwide.”

The sole of the shoe reminds me of the cleats I had to wear for lacrosse. The Rubber 9 Extreme combines two different types of friction for outdoor adventure. The shoe is light and reaches the ankle with colors that mesh well together. I appreciate the simplicity of the design — no need for fancy, fashion-forward traction shoes for this type of running.

“Being from Sweden, IceBugs knows more than they might want to admit about winter. Not only the postcard-pretty, snowy landscape type but anything from -25C, over slush to the modern city version of +5C with the rain blowing hard into your face and the streets flooding. Warm, dry feet and outstanding traction is a good way of staying mobile and increasing the chances of making it through, even keeping the spirits up.” Icebug Men’s Zeal RB9X Traction Running Shoe (Grey/Marigold) $150.00-$170.00
Icebug Men's Traction Running Shoe.
ECCO Biom Terrain Hiking Boots

This durable boot is perfect for winter with a soft gray faux fur lining around the opening and a thick insulation on the inside. The sleek black and gray or black and brown combination and shoelace-less look can go with any outfit. Instead of shoelaces, there is a nob on the tongue to adjust the tightness of the boot for the perfect fit. ECCO Mens BIOM Terrain Akka Boa GTX Mid Hiking Boots $240.00

ECCO Mens BIOM Hike 1.6.
“Don’t compromise on looks or performance with these outstanding off-trail hiking boots. No matter how tough the terrain gets, they’ll ensure you never miss a step with a sure-footed rubber outsole for maximum grip.”

When I think mens hiking boot, this is what comes to mind — rugged brown leather with hints of black and hooked laces. With a thick sole for traction and foam midsole, this boot would be comfortable in some of the most uncomfortable of situations. ECCO Mens BIOM Hike 1.6 Mocha Boot $230.00

CRAGHOPPERS Men’s Walking Trousers

Craghopper’s Dare2B tuned in trousers are well built, with a sturdy light fabric and big pockets up front. The Kiwi Trek walking trousers are water-repellent with a stain-resistant finish. The fabric is surprisingly lightweight and durable.

The only complaint from our tester was that there are three side pockets…and one is inside the other. So trying to grab your cell phone when it rings can present a real challenge. These are really go-to pants, and the mustard color is pretty nice looking, how many of us have pants this color ready to wear?

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