Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975

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United Airlines Nr 221

Airline Travel Posters Through the Ages:

Airline Visual Identity CoverA picture book that explores the beauty of airline identities over 30 years.

Matthias C. Hühne is an author and owner of Callisto Publishing, based in Berlin, Germany. A Harvard graduate, Hühne developed an appreciation for art while working as a developer of high quality commercial and residential real estate.

After leaving his position as a project manager with a U.S. real estate developer, Hühne went on to found his own award-winning development company in 1996. Hühne collects and supports modern art as well as North American native art, and takes a special interest in commercial design and the history of architecture.

Possibly the most technically sophisticated book produced in recent years, Airline Visual Identity 1945 – 1975 by Matthias C. Hühne chronicles the corporate images of the airline industry through visual advertising.

The book carefully curates the work of prestigious designers and advertising luminaries, taking the reader back in time to witness the glory days of the airline industry. This incredible large-format book (which measures 12.2” x 16.1”) painstakingly reproduces the best examples of commercial art from the period to give the reader a museum-like experience.

This huge book costs $240 but the photos are unique and stunning and it would be a feather in any airline-logo-obsessed flyer’s cap.

Well-Researched Case Studies

Accompanying the amazing artwork in Airline Visual Identity 1945 – 1975 is a series of well-researched case studies that provide a unique insight into the design and advertising methods of an era when airlines were considered the most glamorous business sector and quality was the main criterion for selecting a flight.

Swissair Brazil
Swissair Brazil
Swissair Nr 60
Swissair Nr 60
Pan Am Nr 96
Pan Am Panama
Pan Am Nr 260
Pan Am Saigon
Canadian Pacific Nr 249
Canadian Pacific Orient
Pan Am Nr 24
Pan Am Bali

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BOAC Nr5647
BOAC Italy
BOAC Nr 252 V2
BOAC Africa
American Airlines Nr 245 V2
American Airlines Texas
British Airways Concorde
British Airways Concorde
Air France Nr 53
Air France Caravelle
Air France India
Air France India
Air France Orient
Air France South America
Air France CF105755
Air France South America

Airline Visual Identity 1945 – 1975