Praha: What’s New in Prague?

There are a lot of great places to visit in Prague
Prague in autumn. There are a lot of great places to visit in this historic, cultural city.

What’s New in Prague, Czech Republic?

By Eleanor Harte

Anyone planning to travel to Prague in the near future is in luck: there are a number of new activities for travelers. There is something for the history buff, sporting fan, and cinematic enthusiast, as well as families and children. Prague is known as Praha to locals.

Outdoor enthusiasts should check out the just-launched website Prague in Motion, which is focused on the things that can be done in Prague while being active. “Its aim is to show visitors that Prague is much more than just beautiful buildings, history and culture,” said Kamila Bakotová, marketing manager at Prague City Tourism.

The website offers information about cycling, walking, running races and other fitness events. As a sporting location, Prague is a great place to be. There is a marathon and a half-marathon in the city each year, as well as many other sporting activities.

A view of Prague castle from below
A view of Praha, or Prague, castle from below

Museums in Prague

Those who like cinema should visit the Karel Zeman Museum, which celebrates the life of the film director Karel Zeman, who made Czech cinematography world famous in the 20th century. Each individual room is thought of as its own film studios, and visitors have the opportunity to step onto stages with backdrops to shoot scenes as if they are in the movie themselves. This is a participant-focused museum with many interactive parts. It’s a great spot for families with kids.

The Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic.
The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Musée Grévin is a wax museum that allows visitors to travel through time into different periods of world history. In each section, visitors can pose with the wax figures from that time period. The museum focuses on many well-known Czech personalities and people connected with Czech culture.

“Many of the celebrities donated their own costumes or accessories for their wax figures, which makes them even more authentic,” said Bakotová. There is also a section of the museum where visitors can learn about the process of making wax figures and create virtual wax models.

History buffs interested in the Cold War should not miss the nuclear fallout shelter under the Hotel Jalta in Wenceslas Square. The shelter was used as a refuge for the Communist Party leadership in case the square was attacked.

It is set up as it was during the Cold War, and 45 minute guided tours are offered in multiple languages. When it was operational, the shelter could hold up to 280 people and housed a hospital and spy rooms.

The museum Chocostory offers new workshops in its museum, which explores the history of chocolate. Visitors can attend a short workshop where they make chocolate bars, truffles and more. There is also an attached choco shop where visitors can purchase treats to take them home. Children especially love the chocolate making workshop and the sweet treats that come with it.

These new activities in Prague only add to the multiple great attractions that are already there. Prague is a fabulous city for walking, eating and sightseeing. Musicians play on the Charles Bridge, vendors sell great products in the markets, and there are many museums to explore. There is something for everyone in Prague.

Eleanor Harte

Eleanor Harte is a journalist and writer based in Boston, MA. She’s fortunate to have studied abroad in Paris and to have visited Ireland, Belgium, Scotland, the Czech Republic, and a few other countries, but she has many remaining on her list! She’s always looking for the next adventure.

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