Helping Out in the Elqui Valley, Chile

Cochiquez, Elqui Valley, Chile. photos by Lucy Horden.
Cochiquez, Elqui Valley, Chile. photos by Lucy Horden.

 Moving with a Healing Caravana in Chile

By Lucy Horden

One hundred volunteer healers from across the globe arrived in the remote Andean village of Cochiguaz for their final offering to the people of the Elqui Valley. This valley is said to have unusual magnetic properties and is renowned for many UFO sightings, due to the high altitude and clear night skies.

The Caravana, comprised of two busloads and several cars full of healers, was excited to have the opportunity to offer to heal in such an energetically powerful place, ending naturally with a full moon farewell celebration.

Healing in a Remote Valley

The ‘clinica’ was set up, with everyone divided into even groups and assigned 3-4 clients for the afternoon. Over the course of a week these clinics were organized twice daily, following the Elqui River from the sea to source, stopping to offer healing at tiny villages along the route.

For each session, local people of all ages lined up to tell their story and benefit from a free Sintergetica Treatment. The clinicas were an intriguing way to meet local and indigenous families, who invited us into their schools, farms and homes to say “Muchas Gracias” (Thank you very much).

The annual International Caravanas, are not only focused on healing and sight seeing, but are also about establishing community. For instance, near Vicuna, in a heartfelt circle ceremony, the group offered a beautiful weaving to the women’s weaving co-operative. Members of the group and the local women each added strands in a magical creative collaboration. Stopping off for lunch at a vineyard, workers were offered treatments after the meal and pisco (Chilean traditional beverage). One night, we also visited Mamalluca Observatory to learn about the galaxy and see four of Jupiter’s moons clearly through a giant thirty five centimeter telescope.

Food stall along the Pan American Highway in Elqui Valley, Chile.
Food stall along the Pan American Highway in Elqui Valley, Chile.

Sintergetica Healing

Sintergetica is an eclectic healing system, drawing from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathics and Sacred Geometry. It is a medicine of synthesis, developed by Dr Jorge Carvajal, which is becoming widely recognized in Latin America, particularly in Chile, where it is now incorporated into the public hospital system.

Practitioners use a variety of treatment methods such as affirmations, homeopathic remedies, reiki, pulse diagnosis and polarity magnets to effect a positive change in each client on a mental and physical level. (visit

I was impressed by the smooth integration of many healing techniques during one treatment. With about nine healers per group, each of us quietly came forward in turn offering their area of expertise to each client. Our motivation was set by an individual group leader, and this carried the group in harmony through each treatment.

Village Cases

Half way up the Elqui Valley, the little village of Puclaro was relocated in 1999 when it was submerged to make way for a dam. As expected, the village still bore the emotional scars of such an upheaval and (without going into individual details) the people seemed to be transformed by the healing offered by The Caravana.

The healing center in Monte Grande.
The healing center in Monte Grande.

The Elqui Valley is rich in minerals and its silver and lapis lazuli are still mined today. Many villages lining the valley were home to generations of miners and their families, and alcoholism, early pregnancies and depression were common complaints. Each client left the treatment (homeopathic tincture in hand) visibly uplifted.

For our family, taking part in The Caravana and having the opportunity of offering healing treatments to the local people provided a deeply satisfying connection to Chile, while meeting inspiring members of the worldwide healing community.

Family friendly International Sintergetica Caravans are conducted annually in different countries. They are organized in Spanish, however many attendees also speak English who are willing to help with translating. Most attendees are trained in some form of healing, however anyone with a warm heart and intent to benefit is welcome.



Lucy Horden


Lucy Horden is a mother of two girls and runs a Traditional Chinese Medical practice in Brisbane, Australia. Her passions are healing and traveling and any adventure which combines the two is perfect for her. She was awarded third place in the Transitions Abroad Travel Writing Contest 2010 for her article, “Medical Internship in China”.


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