Using a Third Party Booking Site:

Try using a Third Party booking site, you probably will save money on airline tickets.
Try using a Third Party booking site, you probably will save money on airline tickets. has become a popular place to find airline deals

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

The other day as I contemplated purchasing airline tickets and making hotel reservations for a business trip to New Orleans, I got to wondering what service most people use to book travel.  It’s funny, but it seems like everyone has their own particular methods, and if you asked ten people, you might get ten unique replies as to what’s the best way of doing it. is a travel booking site that launched in 2014, founded by a quartet of software engineers from Montreal, Canada.  One of JustFly’s principals started another flight search site, FlightHub in 2012, and JustFly’s parent company is Momentum Travel.

It’s been quite a success. Today more than 100,000 visitors come to JustFly every day, and every year more than $1.5 billion in sales come through the site. We interviewed some of the founders to find out more about what makes JustFly unique and what’s behind it’s tremendous growth in just a few years.

Convenient and Simple Service

What did they say was the biggest reason for JustFly’s success? “Very convenient and simple service. People continually tell us how easy it is to use the website to book airline tickets, hotel rooms and car reservations.” The comments that have been published about JustFly on sites like TrustPilot back up the founder’s claims.  A full 73.9 percent of the 17,349

Self boarding gates in Germany. This is coming to an airport near you.
Self boarding gates in Germany. This is coming to an airport near you.
Using your cellphone as your boarding pass makes it all that much easier.
Using your cellphone as your boarding pass makes it all that much easier.

reviews there give JustFly an excellent rating, of 9.1.

“Erika Bacon, a user who wanted to book a trip for her and a friend to celebrate their birthdays in Las Vegas had these comments: “After looking days and hours to find a flight I finally came across your website, and it was very simple and easy and cheaper than the other sites I was on. I”m so happy I kept looking and didn’t give up Thanks JustFly.

Another user said it simply….”JustFly is easy to use and has many options of flights at reasonable prices.”

Another JustFly customer said she found the site after doing a Kayak search. “I stumbled onto JustFly through and was surprised to see them offering the lowest fares from California to the UK. The booking process was easy to navigate and there weren’t any hiccups.

They try to upsell a few services, which is to be expected–but it was less annoying and easier to skip over than most other sites. I’ve traveled to Europe several times and would say JustFly is as easy a booking process as one could hope for. I will definitely check them out for my next trip.”

Other Advantages

One thing that happens frequently with online booking is that travelers book a flight and then find a cheaper one somewhere else. Susan, a user from the US, said “I was able to get a great rate for a flight that had already gone up higher on other travel websites. Will definitely use this site again when looking to book flights,” she wrote.

Saving time is key when you’re sitting down to book a flight. For that reason Natalie Cooze shared that it only took ten minutes to book her ticket. “Great selections and a lot options,” made the experience a breeze, she said.

Here are some tips from blogger Amy Whitely, from Pit Stops for Kids, who used JustFly when she booked a family holiday trip to Europe, including Christmas in Florence. She listed several different tips to make booking with a site like JustFly easier, here is a summary:

Every seat has a satellite TV connection on JetBlue.
Every seat has a satellite TV connection on JetBlue.

Making Contact

Amy makes contact.  We all know that most companies view having to deal with customers one to one is time consuming–so most big operators like Kayak or Expedia hide behind their websites. You have to be quite a sleuth to find someone to actually talk to, old fashioned style at the big players.

Amy said she likes to get on the phone as the’s planning the trip, BEFORE she pulls the trigger on the tickets. It’s what she calls a ‘test run,’ in case during or after the trip they have to reach out for a quick solution.  “I was able to get through to JustFly right away, and spoke to pleasant, competent representatives.”

Second Class

The airlines would much prefer to have you book their tickets directly through them. So when you use a third party like JustFly, you won’t be getting priority boarding or if you have to rebook, you’ll be at the back of the line. But she says that if you always make sure to include your frequent flyer account number (you do have one, right?) then they can make it a little better.

To avoid problems with your proverbial basket full of airline tickets for everyone in the family, remember to check the flight numbers and schedules right up until you are leaving for the airport. Catching this as soon as it happens, as it does, can prevent having a problem at the gate, God forbid!

The same thing holds true for a big family who all want to sit together. Check at least 72 hours before your departure, catch any errors and in the event of kids too far apart from Mom and Dad, ask the desk agents for help.

Use your iPhone

Another reviewer commented on how he had just bought his airline tickets on his mobile phone, using JustFly’s mobile site. A traveler from Denmark said that JustFly was the easiest of all the flight ticket sites that he used. He added that he liked the fact that the price held throughout the checkout process, unlike many of the other sites where the price changes!”

Another nice perk that JustFly offers is an email service that alerts you to when fares drop. This can be just the spark that will get you to book  your trip, and that’s what we all like to see!


GoNOMAD has an advertising relationship with JustFly, but the opinions here are the writer’s own. Max Hartshorne is the editor of GoNOMAD Travel, based in South Deerfield, MA. 

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