A Vacation in the Surf in Rincon Puerto Rico

Dogman Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico. photo by Kent St. John
Dogman Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico. photo by Kent St. John

Letting it All Hang Out In Rincon, Puerto Rico

By Kent E St John

Route 314 is filled with early morning zombies, all carrying boards that sparkle and catch the light that has just started breaking over the mountains to the east. There is little doubt that sleep has played no part in this early ritual; the restaurants have all just been scrubbed clean, ready for another busy day.

Surfer in Rincon, Puerto Rico. photos by Kent St. John.
Surfer in Rincon, Puerto Rico. photos by Kent St. John.

Soon you recognize the face of the guy with the long board. "The dolphin is super fresh,” he said at the restaurant. He was right. The guy looks as confident with his long board choice; there are two things he knows well, restaurants and waves, especially the waves down Rincon way. He is home for the winter once again. Don is a third generation East Coast rider with Rincon Puerto Rico on his yearly surf itinerary.

The kid’s name is Don and since 1968 and the first World Surfing Championship, this grandfather has worked in Montauk in summers and then headed down to the Caribbean Pipeline to work winters. He now lives most of the time running a business and riding waves.

The number of wait staff and kitchen crew serving you from Maine to the Carolinas that catch some of Sept. and early Oct. East Coast hurricane hits and then head to Rincon is amazing. It is then down to Rincon where they assume their restaurant roles and spend the winter balancing trays and boards with equal skill. Forget the Beach Boys, Springsteen rules.

Surf's up in Rincon!
Surf's up in Rincon!

Today Rincon caters to more than just wave riders. Now there is whale watching, snorkeling and soaking up some PR Latino lifestyle that brings visitors from all over. Sitting on the beach with some great food while staying in some very reasonable digs make Rincon a place to check out.

A Lifestyle

The great food served from small catering trucks lined up towards the south end of town, a reminder that you are in PR. If you don’t eat roadside you're missing the island's best eating tradition. Eventually when I hit a town that has magic, I am reminded that I should have been there years ago. I usually am just grateful that I’m there now. I got that feeling immediately in Rincon.

Rincon is spread over eight barrios and each has its own feel and character that seem to blend, modern intrusion not yet blight. Nearby I see a place that has roaring surf and not far away a beach calmer than a tub, pick your style, all are beautiful. Lodging choices spread just about as far and while one of Puerto Rico’s most expensive hotels is here, a beachfront rental is well within most budgets. The other hotels seem to be back in time a bit but not in a bad way. Yes my timing seems just right.

Pool at Sunset Paradise Villas, Rincon, Puerto Rico.
Pool at Sunset Paradise Villas, Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Five Steps to Heaven

It wasn’t easy but I eventually found my first lodgings right on the beach south of the main part of Rincon, next to a small public beach amidst local homes. Sunset Paradise Villas is the largest structure in the area and contains six separate units. The public spaces all have hammocks and a wonderful roof top pool and lounging area.

My unit on the ground floor was nicely laid out with an open deck right on the edge of the beach, five steps down and it was sand in the toes. A full modern kitchen, air conditioning and three bedrooms off a living room rounded off the offerings. The amazing view of the sunsets was inspiring and grilling on the deck made dinner time a great beach lifestyle, table full of seafood and the sound of small waves right at your feet.

The water off of the villa was of the calm variety perfect for swimming and child friendly. My nightly walks in the neighborhood past families sitting in yards playing dominoes while riders on horse back cruised by gave me the feel of actually living like a local. The sound of roosters in the morning punctuated the thought. It's a niice area for a family or quiet retreat and the location to Rincon’s center makes it easy.

Never Enough Waves

Sign tells surfers where to eat in Rincon, Puerto Rico.
Sign tells surfers where to eat in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

North of Central Rincon runs the surfer’s route the legendry 413, past surf beaches such as Tres Palmas, Dogman’s, the Steps and the Indicators. Instead of urban iPhones, every one here seems to have a surfboard in hand. Nestled below hills are beach spots filled in with beach bars, restaurants and small inns, and rentals, a community all its own. One that once settled you will rarely want to leave.

Rentals run weekly, monthly and seasonally at some pretty good rates, think a simple style with Bohemian overtones. An afternoon beer at Tambo’s or a Thursday night movie shown outside at the Tree house often brings a gathering of the tribe.

Perhaps what was most surprising is the fact that even non- surfers get some cred for just hanging out in such a sweet spot. This part of Puerto Rico has the most Caribbean feel found on the island. From El Faro Lighthouse whales can be spotted breaching and as all of Rincon faces west the sunsets will captivate.

Tucked Amongst the Traveling Palms

My lodgings just off 413 was the
the Traveling Palms Villa, located in Puntas and down in a hidden valley was the perfect place to be near the action yet secluded, brand new and swank. The outside pool and field with horses was delightful. In fact the owner Clemente runs one of the best surf shops right from the place. Chances are after a few days you may just want to give a try to Rincon’s main and very challenging sport.

Options Galore

Rincon has plenty of activities to keep a visitor busy such as deep sea fishing, diving and exploring. But it is the feel of Rincon that I found to be most important. Whether lying in a hammock as the sun warms or strolling beaches, each with different characteristics one is just as lifted. Relaxing here is just plain easy!

Beach stroll in Rincon, Puerto Rico.
Beach stroll in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

It doesn’t take long for one to fit in and soon find meeting locals eager to share ideas and advice. Or even invite you to a party or event. Over some tapas at Casa Elena with toes in the sand that I did indeed run into a chum with a bottle of rum. Things may change with time but one has the feeling that in Rincon the important things remain.

Side Dish

To get the best feel and ideas for a visit to Rincon is a wonderful website, Rincon online besides some history and basic info, lodgings and Rincon's restaurants are well covered.

Hang Ten: There are no shortages of sites dedicated to surfing in Rincon, many with up to date wind and tide movements.

My Lodgings

Old Town Rincon.
Old Town Rincon.

Both the Traveling Palms Villa and the Sunset Paradise Villas were perfect for a stay in Rincon, though both very different in style and geared to a certain vacation type. Make sure you decide what you are looking for in a visit before you pick you lodging. Finding a rental is easy at sites like Vacation Rental by Owner or HomeAway.com.

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Kent St John

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