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Trunki, a suitcase kids can ride on, is one of the award-winning products you can find at Trunki, a suitcase kids can ride on, is one of the award-winning products you can find at Travel Toys for Tots
By Megan Cross

Traveling with kids can be a complete joy; however it can also be a disaster if the little ones aren’t happy and content. This is why, a travel product website was created, to keep kids comfortable and entertained and also to give adults some peace and quiet.

From Law Books to Kids’ Books

Two mothers, Hana S. Wolf and Nisha T. Cordero, the founders of, saw the need for a site such as this while doing a lot of traveling with their own kids. Both former attorneys, they took a break from their practice to create this website

The travel products on the website range from plush toys to clothes, luggage to arts and crafts, dolls and bath and body products. Products were created to keep kids busy, entertained, educated and happy.

Hana and Nisha are well aware of the many difficulties that can arise with kids, but by putting their heads together they came up with several different ways to make both kids and adults lives stress free.

“As the mothers of three children (five if you include our husbands) who have traveled extensively by car, train and plane around town, up and down the East Coast and halfway around the world, we know all too well the challenges inherent in traveling with kids,” they write on their website.

“Rather than just basking in the glory of our travel achievements and gloating about how well behaved our children are on airplanes, we decided to ‘take a sabbatical’ from practicing law, and share our wealth of knowledge and experience with others like you.”

“When it comes to traveling with kids, no strategy is foolproof. However, you will considerably increase your chance of keeping your children content and, therefore, your stress level down, if you keep them occupied (other than with kicking the seat in front of them), comfortable and well-fed. Boredom, discomfort and hunger are a recipe for travel disaster.

A Vacation Days photo album

A Vacation Days photo album

“At Little Jet Set, you will find an outstanding selection of products and helpful hints that will make traveling with kids easy, fun and educational.”

Not only are there several types of products offered, but they are also listed by age – an excellent way to find something for kids of any age range. For the youngest tykes there are diaper bags, strollers, basic books and toys and listed for the older ones (7+) are more advanced games and puzzles, arts and crafts, clothing and backpacks.

The site also has kid-sized art portfolios, journals and photo albums which kids can use to create a personal record of their travels.

Stimulating and Educational Learning

What is not found on the site however, are electronic games “that hypnotize kids into a stupor.” So if a child is interested in a new XBOX or Playstation, don’t expect to find it here.

Kids can pack their toys in a Trunk and then close it up and ride on it. Kids can pack their toys in a Trunk and then close it up and ride on it.

“As parents, we refuse to surrender completely to electronic gadgets, because we know there are far better ways for our children to spend their travel time. We have discovered an amazing assortment of books, games, puzzles, toys, arts and crafts, and countless other activities that will stimulate your children’s imagination and foster creativity, thinking, happiness and family interaction.”

The site is geared toward stimulating, yet educational learning. “We spend considerable time carefully selecting thoughtfully designed and well constructed products that appeal to various ages and interests and that respond to the travel needs of today’s families.”

“Many of our toys, games and books have been recognized for their outstanding designs, concepts and content by different awards organizations and publications including Dr. Toy, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, iParenting, National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA), Nick Jr. Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Creative Child Magazine, American Library Association, American Bookseller and The National Parenting Center.”

Award-Winning Products

Trunki, Towgo, Trixi, & Terrance

The 3-in-1 Zoobie doubles as a blanket and pillow. The  3-in-1 Zoobie doubles as a blanket and pillow.

Trunki, one of Little Jet Sets newest award-winning products is perfect for any traveling child. The Trunki, and all of its counterparts, “puts an end to tiring travel, tears and tantrums.

The world’s first ride-on suitcases for jet-setting kids, Trunkis are designed especially for little ones who can pack, sit on and ride their own luggage while parents keep them in tow. Kids can also use the multi-purpose strap to pull or carry their Trunki. Trunki’s fun eye-catching design will have parents and kids green with luggage envy!”

3-in-1 Zoobie Travel Pets

This is the ultimate travel companion for kids – a soft plush friend to play with while awake and a super soft pillow and blanket for snuggling when it’s time to sleep. Loosen velcro straps on the bottom and the pet flattens into a cushiony pillow. Unzip the bottom to reveal a fleece blanket, which is detachable for easy washing.

The Moringa lacing tree The Moringa lacing tree

Moringa Lacing Tree

In the summertime a tree has more than just leaves. Interesting guests and merry inhabitants offer many creative possibilities and stimulate the imagination.

Lace leaves and critters to the tree with smooth colorful wood cutouts of birds, fox, squirrels, apples, butterflies, leaves and a bird’s nest. Lacing promotes motor skills and trains dexterity.

The site also features kid-sized portfolios that children can use to store their art supplies and display their creations and journal kits that can be used for drawing, writing, painting or posting about their journey, which can be saved forever as mementos for a lifetime, “all much better than Gameboys that turn kids into zombies.”

A Small Site, A Big Hit has been a huge hit since it first came on the ‘Web in June of 2007. Many of their products have been featured in big-name magazines such as, O the Oprah Magazine, Parents, Woman’s Day, Family Fun, Travel and Leisure and many more.

For future family outings, long car, bus, train, plane or boat rides check out to help make the whole trip more enjoyable for everyone.

Megan Cross

Megan Cross is a Hospitality and Tourism major at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a former intern for GoNOMAD. She has taught English in Spain, and traveled to Europe, Australia, and throughout the USA.

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