Useful Products for a New Year

Scent Air Whisper Home diffuser

Whisper Home Diffuser: Such a Wonderful Subtle Scent

When you walk into a Four Seasons or a Waldorf Astoria hotel, there is a certain woody, reassuring scent that greets you. I remember at the JW Marriott in San Antonio, there was a distinct woody scent….this device creates this in your home. I love it!

 The ScentAir Whisper Home diffuser is whisper quiet, even on maximum setting. The Machine weighs only 3.7 lbs with cartridge.  The ScentAir Whisper Home can stand up straight or lay flat depending on preference. It also includes fun LED lighting to enhance your space.

 The ScentAir Whisper Home can be operated manually, or via advanced Wi-Fi & Bluetooth controls. Also works with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa.

Scent Air Whisper Home $200

lucky dog notecard set

Notecards for Those of Us Who Still Like to Send Handwritten Notes

My friend Kim loves to write thank you cards, and all other manner of holiday remembering via cards that she sends in the mail. Lucky Dog Design is her kind of company. They produce small batch sets of cards some with old fashioned wallpaper designs and many others.  Some times it just means way more when you send a card in an envelope instead of another text or email with emojis!

These boxed sets from Lucky Dog Design Co. are perfect to always have a card on hand. Need to thank a teacher? Want to stuff a cute note in a lunch? Want to say hey to a family or friend? Want to get your kids involved in letter writing? Want a cost-efficient way to send thank-yous after a wedding or baby shower? Boxed sets are designed to keep tucked away until you need them, and they come in a set of 10 patterned flat A2 cards with matching envelopes.

Luckydog Design Cards set of 10

Eagle Creek rolling duffel

Eagle Creek’s “No Matter What” Huge 130 Liter Rolling Duffel

The color alone makes this huge duffel a winner. Love this classic safari brown color.  Constructed using Eagle Creek’s unique “Chasing Zero” process that virtually eliminates fabric waste. 100% recycled, 11×11 ripstop fabric is abrasion and water-resistant for rugged performance.

This duffel compresses into an included stuff sack for storage under beds or small closets. Heavy-duty wheels and padded pull handle transport heavy loads to campsites or cabanas. Reinforced seams, lashings and zippers support heavy loads with corner bumpers by wheels for protection on rough surfaces.

Eagle Creek Duffel $145

Track blood pressure cuff

Track Your Blood Pressure at Home with this Device

Endorsed by cardiologists, the Track blood pressure monitor offers effortless blood pressure measurement with a simple, intuitive design and easy-to-use one button operation. Large oversize numbers and a color-coded display makes reading and interpreting results easy. This is an incredible price for such a vital instrument–under $50!

App connectivity offers a deeper dive into users’ data, which includes flagging of any irregular heart rhythm that might arise. With more portability than traditional monitors—making it great for travelers—the Track is an inexpensive and indispensable tool to track important blood pressure metrics.

Track Connected BP Monitor $39


Cotopaxi shirt

Cotopaxi’s Cambio Button Up Shirt: Sweet Feels

Cambio Button Up Shirt – Perfect for all-day wear, the Cambio is a button up shirt for the savvy traveler made from an anti-static blend of recycled polyester and spandex. Easy to dress up or down, this shirt is the ideal base for mix-and-match outfits on the road. Cotopaxi is an excellent high quality brand, this is a swell shirt for the spring.
Passio Sentimento chianti wine
Passione Sentimento Rosso Veneto IGT 2020 (SRP: $17.99), which literally translates to “Passion and Sentiment,” is the perfect wine to share with loved ones. Named in homage to the timeless love story of Romeo and Juliet that made Verona a symbol of love worldwide, it’s more than a wine; it’s an expression of love and commitment.
Passione Sentimento embodies the Pasqua family’s deep passion for wine, rooted in tradition and a profound connection to its city of origin, Verona. This wine will add a touch of sophistication to any date night. A carefully crafted blend of Corvina and Croatina, complemented by a hint of Merlot, this wine undergoes a unique drying process that imparts an unparalleled velvety texture.

Steeltooth comb
Steeltooth: A Comb You Can Count On

Steeltooth Combs are laser cut T304 stainless steel and are 2mm thick and eight inches long. They are hand wrapped and polished at the time of the order to ensure quality and precision. Steel combs are anti-static which means when you are blow drying or just combing your hair there won’t be fly-aways produced. Your hair will not tangle around the teeth as well. In an emergency scenario, you can use it as a tool while hiking or camping.

Arden Cove faux leather crossbody bag
Arden Cove’s Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag: Be Safe!

Carmel Convertible Backpack & Crossbody: The perfect combination of versatility and practicality, wear the Carmel as a backpack, handbag, shoulder bag, or crossbody. Its anti-theft features, waterproof materials, and versatility make it the perfect bag for your travels or every day. Arden Cove excels where other travel bag brands fall flat. You either find an unsightly utilitarian bag that completely ruins an outfit, or you’re paying beaucoup bucks, which could be money spent on excursions or extra souvenirs.

Arden Cove bags are gorgeous, designed by fashionable young women who have their finger on the pulse of the trends. That, and they boast water-resistant fabric and zippers, RFID-Blocking, locking clasps, vegan leather, and are slash-proof.

Arden Cove Carmel Convertible Backpack & Crossbody ($210.00)

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