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Surefit Casual

Surefit Casual Shoes Help People with Foot Problems

The Surefit Milan men’s casual dress shoe seamlessly combines timeless style with enhanced comfort, specifically designed to cater to mild to moderate foot deformities. With an added depth of 5/16”, this versatile shoe ensures a perfect fit for a broad spectrum of foot shapes, ensuring all-day comfort.

Its classic design makes it suitable for an array of settings, from casual workouts at the gym to professional environments and even demanding physical workspaces. The Milan is the epitome of functionality meets style, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize both comfort and aesthetics.”

Surefit Shoes


Tea to Relax and Unclutter Your Mind from RE:LAX Tea

Nourish the Yin to improve your sleep quality and duration!

  • The perfect nightcap to get you back to feeling your best
  • Combines the functional benefits of Traditional Chinese herbs with chamomile
  • Targets the multi-layered root causes of insomnia
  • Tea tonic, brew blend, more than just tea, healing wellness, add in soups and stews
  • Works to replenish, cleanse, clear, and nourish to improve your sleep quality and duration
  • Savor the richness of 13 grams per tea bag, five times more than the usual 2 grams
  • Embrace a proactive health approach emphasizing prevention over cure, resonating with the enduring principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

RE:LAX Tea $19.95/ 10

Velocity Pickleball RacquetVelocity Paddle for the Hottest Sport: Paddleball

From the elongated shape & handle to the lightweight build, this paddle has only one job — to get you those points! The APEX paddle is meticulously designed to give you an edge on the court. This is a great choice for people like me who are interested in exploring this super popular sport. My tennis player friends advise me that this is much easier on the knees!

Velocity Intermediate Pickleball Paddle $69EZ QUEST charger for car lighter

Here’s a Tiny Mini USB and Standard USB Charger for Your Car or RV

Packing a charger to recharge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and other electronic devices is a given while road tripping, but instead of trying to cram six different chargers and cables in your bag, pack the EZQuest UltimatePower USB-C 66W Car Charger. The charger allows you to simultaneously charge two devices up to 1.5 hours faster than standard chargers and it has universal compatibility that works with a wide variety of products and is suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles.

EZQuest UltimatePower USB-C 66W Car Charger $29.99

otto grinder

OTTO Is Ready to Grind Your Legal Flower

The same AI-powered SMART Milling technology, that everyone has become completely obsessed with, has now been added to the newest member of the OTTO family – OTTO GO. This product was designed for all consumption methods, so if you prefer to roll or mill directly into your favorite glassware… we got you!  OTTO GO is also portable and rechargeable, making it easy to take on the go and share the experience with friends.

Just like OTTO, OTTO GO cuts up your flower one layer at a time so that there’s never any compression or crushing. With strategic and careful milling, the range of the material is more consistent. This creates more continuity in size, which allows for a slow and even burn, and better preserves all the incredible structures and flavors of your flower. Ditch your hand grinder and mill with ease with OTTO GO.

OTTO Grinder $124

Leki hiking poles

Leki Hiking Poles Give You an Upper Body Workout While Walking

Leki poles are great for adding a little more to your average walk by using your upper body to hold and move the poles. Lightweight & adjustable, fully alloy, completely adjustable trekking poles designed for hiking all over the mountain. Robust Aluminum, lightweight, adjustable trekking poles provide robust durability for tough hikes.

Leki Hiking Poles $119

canned tuna

Now That’s Tuna… Tonnino Canned Tuna From Italy

Tonnino, the international, premium tuna brand is known for its sustainable fishing methods and fresh, high-quality ingredients. The Italian-style Yellowfin tuna and new Albacore tuna can be enjoyed straight from the jar/can or incorporated into a variety of recipes adding a delicious touch to every dish.  This is a cut above anything in a can from Starfish or Chicken of the Sea.

Caught in tropical waters, Tonnino’s yellowfin tuna is hand cut and hand packed in over ten flavors from olive oil and spring water to Jalapenos in olive oil, lemon, and pepper in olive oil, and now olive oil infused with truffle. Similarly fished, one by one with a pole & line, Tonnino’s albacore tuna captures the white meat with its mild flavors in five aromas: in olive oil, spring water, herbs de Provence in olive oil, ginger soy in olive oil and olive oil infused with truffle.

Tonnino Tuna $6.58Thats it

Tasty That’s It Truffles that Wake You Up

That’s it. Dark Chocolate Truffles are 100% vegan and made with 60% cacao organic dark chocolate and fruit. Each truffle contains just 33 calories or less, with only 1 gram of added sugar per serving. The premium nature of this product combined with the simplicity of ingredients make this a truly unique option. They come in both banana and fig flavors. These have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.  Very tasty!

That’s It Chocolate Truffles

Pet Portraits of Tony

Pet Portraits: Make a Wall Memory of Your Favorite Pets

You send in a photo of your cat or dog, or perhaps your gila monster, and in return you get a nicely framed painting based on the photo. It’s pretty neat looking although my cat Tony’s eyes look different than my painting. These portraits are done, we are assured, by humans who put their own spin on every one.

Pet Portraits

Kuru Flex men's shoes

Kuru Footwear for Difficult Feet

Feel the flex. It’s the wear-everywhere shoe, built with our most flexible outsole and a clean, minimalist aesthetic. FLEX Via flexes to fit your life for the utmost versatility—with any outfit, on every human. Flex away foot pain with effortless roll through, an adjustable fit, and unparalleled heel support.

Flex away foot pain with FLEX Via. Minimal seams reduce friction and hotspots, while our heel-hugging tech and dual-density arch support help you last on your feet.

Kuru Footwear $124

Biird Cecii

Don’t Be Intimidated by Glass: Cecii Awaits

On Cecii–Don’t be intimidated by glass — it’s actually a very safe, durable material for sex toys. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, and it won’t break unless perhaps you drop it on the ground. They are also good for temperature play; they will easily heat up or call down in warm or cold water — especially dildos made of borosilicate glass like Cecii. They are best used with any kind of lube. This one has an iridescent rainbow color and comes in a vegan leather storage bag.
On Regii – These silicone butt plugs come in two different sizes, so beginners can start with the smaller one and work their way up to the larger one, and have flared bases so that they cannot get stuck inside your body. Their ergonomic shape allows for optimal comfort, and the silicone material is body-safe. Butt plugs can enhance partnered sex or play. They are best used with water-based or oil-based lube, as silicone lube can erode the material.
bearbottom chino pants

Bearbottom’s Chinos: Nice Pants

A timeless slim-fit chino designed for unparalleled comfort and fit. Made from our premium cotton / spandex blend and features an elastic waistband for the perfect mix of style and comfort. Modern fit that is slim through the thigh and tapered at the ankle. Midweight 97% Cotton / 3% Spandex.

Bearbottom Chino Pants  $65

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