Last Minute Gifts for Father’s Day

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Scrambling to Find Dad a Father’s Day Gift? We Got You Covered

Is it too late to find the perfect gift? With Amazon’s next-day delivery and some good ideas, you’ll get it done! Here are some ideas we found to make any Father happy this year. Best Father’s Day gifts right here.

Keep Dad Dry with this High-Tech Umbrella

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Everyone needs to continue on with their day in the rain and Davek’s umbrellas that are “built to endure” will help Dad stay dry even on the rainiest days. There are three types of umbrellas customers can purchase, including the Davek Solo, Davek Commuter, and Davek Duvet, which is large enough to cover two people.

Keep Dad Dry with Davek Umbrellas $95-159

Help Dad Get into Shape with POWERHANDZ Gloves

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These weighted gloves that help men and women with weight lifting will motivate Dad to get to the gym more often. Designed for resistance and strength training, POWERHANDZ gloves contain grip materials that maximize performance during workouts. These gloves are flexible and fingerless, providing Dad with ample opportunities for movement.

Buy POWERHANDZ Gloves here.

Send Dad Away with the Sleek NOMATIC Travel Pack

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This tech bag is perfect for fathers on the go. The bag contains an RFID lockable security pocket that protects against pickpocketers and other thieves along with a hidden pocket for hiding important items. Additionally, this bag is made to be a carry-on and has one strap that can be used for multiple purposes.

You can purchase the NOMATIC travel bag here.

Help Dad Climb Mountains without a Stumble

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What makes Mountainsmith’s hiking poles different from everyone else’s? The fact that it’s for multiple sports. The size is adjustable with its three telescoping sections and it has a double-cam twist lock adjustment to help with that as well. These hiking poles will make Dad feel more secure climbing any mountain.

Purchase Mountainsmith Hiking Poles here.

Make Dad’s House Smell Better

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I don’t know about you but sometimes when Dad gets into his old age he cares less about how his house smells. Maybe he has pets that ruin the aroma or maybe it’s just him. Organic Aromas’ Nebulizing Diffusers can solve this problem by adding pleasant smells to Dad’s house along with a pretty decorative piece.

Make Dad smell better here.

Make Dad Look Snazzy with Beck Shorts from TravisMathew

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Is Dad hoping to improve his style this summer? TravisMathew’s light blue dress shorts are the perfect option if Dad is attending any barbecues or baseball games this summer. They go with anything and can dress up a look.

Improve Dad’s Style here.

Improve Dad’s Diet with Microgreens Growing Kit

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True Leaf Market’s mini microgreen growing kit will encourage Dad to grow and eat his own vegetables. You can buy kits with Dad’s favorites, including arugula, mustard, peas, radishes, sunflowers, and even salad mix. Dad will feel inspired to eat healthy after using this kit.

Buy Dad his own growing kit here.

Let Dad Walk in Comfort at the Beach

Screen Shot 2023 06 13 at 9.49.20 AM


Getting sick of looking at your Dad’s ratty flip-flops at the beach? Okabashi has a new pair that will dress up his beach attire. They take the classic flip-flop style but provide arch support for those with flat feet. In addition to providing comfort and support, the flip-flops are also machine washable! Perfect for a long day in the sand.

Improve Dad’s Beach Look here.

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