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Bring NYC's Fulton Fish Market to your kitchen with their paella gift set, shown here. food
Bring NYC’s Fulton Fish Market to your kitchen with their paella gift set, shown here.

Food Gifts to Treat Your Loved Ones…and for You, Too!

These food and drink ideas are all new and bring innovation and creativity to your dinner table.
Explore Cuisine Organic Chickpea Fusilli Explore Cuisine Organic green lentil lasagna

Pasta that’s Not Made from Wheat

Light orange in color, and with a pleasant mild nutty flavor, Explore Cuisine’s Red Lentil Penne helps transform basic meals into something special for the entire family, giving complete nutrition in one dish.

Firm and flavorful, the Green Lentil Penne has a delightful taste and tender texture. Easily prepared, it provides exceptional savor and color to your everyday meal.

With the appetizing Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flair, Explore Cuisine’s Chickpea Fusilli is a healthy choice that will please the family and simplify your life. Extremely easy to prepare and serve with any pasta sauce or topping of your choice.

Milam and Greene bourbonMilam and Greene Bourbon from Texas

This Texas Bourbon sure goes down smooth. I brought this bottle with me to a gathering of musicians and then to another dinner party, and everyone who tasted Milam and Greene gave a big thumbs up!

This premium Texas bourbon is made from 70% Texas corn, 22% Pacific Northwest malted rye from Oregon & Washington, 8% Wyoming barley, and our proprietary yeast recipe from Kentucky and Texas.

Each bottle of Milam & Greene Triple Cask is a batch of three hand-selected straight bourbon whiskies: our 2 to 3-year-old premium Texas bourbon for a pop of spice married with 3 to 4-year-old Tennessee whiskey for vanillas and fruits and 10 to 11-year-old Tennessee whiskey for structure and tannins. It is then proofed to taste and bottled on site.

Milam and Greene Bourbon

Half Time Beverage Cider Subscriptions to Taste All the Appleshalftime beer samples 1

The largest retailer of craft beer in the United States features over 4,000 craft beer and cider selections from over 800 breweries located in over 50 countries.

In addition to a wide array of domestic and imported craft beers, Half Time Beverage also carries a lineup that includes cider, gluten-free beer, mead, mini-kegs, non-alcoholic beer, beer & cider gift baskets, gift packs, monthly clubs/subscriptions, hard seltzer, and malt.

To make it even better, they also deliver all of these options direct to doorsteps across the United States. Beer gift baskets are also available, which include a collection of 12 unique beers pre-packaged in a sleek, soft-pack cooler bag specially designed to keep beer cold for hours on end.

Half Time Beverage

papayaPapaya for the Win on Your Next Clean Up

Papaya is a forward-thinking brand that has developed a reusable paper towel making sustainability accessible to everyone –  from zero-wasters to sustainability-newbies.

No more need to hoard bulky paper towels again! Eco Facts: More than 50,000 trees are cut down every day for single-use paper towels.

As they decompose, they release methane gas – a leading cause of global warming. The brand is the first to offer a subscription where customers can curate a box with their choices every two to four months, selecting from artistic designs that put plain old white paper towels and your grandma’s dish towels to shame!

Papaya reusable paper towels 

maille mustards
You Gotta Have the Right Mustard: Maille from Dijon, France

The Maille Mustard Variety Pack includes the Dijon Original, Old Style, Honey Dijon, and Rich Country.

The Maille Dijon Mustard Originale has a unique creamy texture and a smooth finish, this traditional Dijon Mustard dates back to 1747 when Maille was founded. It all comes straight from Dijon France.

I’m a big believer in the power of good mustard to transform an ordinary hot dog or a pretzel into a tasty treat!

The Maille Old Style is made with crisp whole mustard seeds and adds a powerful punch with intense flavors to anything. The Maille Honey Dijon is a go-to for vinaigrettes or to glaze vegetable roasts, or in chicken recipes because of its great honey mustard sweetness and its spicy dijon kick. The Maille Rich Country Dijon has a remarkably creamy, mayo-like texture, with flecks of brown mustard seeds and some white wine, cinnamon, and ginger.

Maille Four Mustard Pack $19

Jambon de Bayonne: Fine Ham from Southwestern France

image002Jambon de Bayonne is perfect for anyone who loves to eat, cook, and travel! France’s most popular dry-cured ham, Bayonne Ham, emanates from a few simple elements: fresh ham, salt, air, time, and, most importantly, centuries of accumulated savoir-faire.

The Protected Geographical Indication officially guarantees the origin of products that come from regions of history and tradition. This fairly dry ham has a distinctive melting texture, and a delicate taste rich with hints of hazelnut. 

Everyone knows Bayonne Ham is an excellent addition to any charcuterie board or sandwich, but its versatility opens endless doors of gastronomical opportunities, and the ham’s gentle flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture immediately transports you to the French countryside (where we all wish we could be right now!). 

Jambon de Bayonne

CuppamochaCuppamocha for Espresso on the Run

No bigger than a cup, Cuppamoka is a compact and lightweight travel pour-over coffee maker system that is going to save space in your bag. Easy to use, Cuppamoka will help you get the best coffee goodness out of your grind wherever you are, thanks to its built-in coffee dripper.

With the use of cone paper filters, the extracted brew is perfectly clean every time. Stored and kept hot into the double-wall stainless steel mug you can enjoy your drink or sip your coffee for hours directly from the leakproof drinking lid.

Cuppamocha $34.90

Try Cacao Tea for the Chocolate-Loving Dad

Cacao tea

This delicious drink can be served hot or ice-cold, making it perfect for any season.

First discovered by the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations thousands of years ago, cacao tea (also known as chocolate tea or cocoa tea) has incredible mood and immune-boosting properties and is high in antioxidants.

Cacao Tea Co. produces and sells cacao tea which is 100% pure and organic and is completely sugar-free, caffeine-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO-free with no artificial flavoring, additives or preservatives.

With a natural sweetness, a heavenly chocolate taste and aroma, and a delicate stimulating effect, cacao tea is the perfect natural alternative to chocolate and coffee. Price: $17.50.

Cacao Tea $17.50

paella dinner box food giftsGo for this Real Paella Direct from Fulton Fish Market in NYC

For when the teenagers don’t know what to give Dad, a home-cooked meal is always a win – for the seafood lovin’ Dad, Fulton Fish Market has the goods.

The legendary New York seafood market offers a number of bundled meals delivered to your doorstep via

This Paella Dinner Box comes complete with 2lbs of live PEI mussels, 2lb frozen, cleaned shrimp, 2 dozen live Littleneck clams, and 2 lbs of fresh squid tubes and tentacles.

Paella Dinner Box by $99

Sage owl grate grill scraper

Keep that Grill Clean with Sage Owl

This small Grate grill scraper removes leftover burned food bits from your bbq grate without leaving the small particles a brush leaves behind. Keep safe, clean and the grill ready to use with Sage Owl.

Sage Owl Grill Scraper with handle $29

Elda’s Kitchen Grilling Sauces Add Zip to Any Dinner

When you’re undecided, this pack from Elda’s gives you the choice or East (Asian Flavors) or West (OriginalElda's Sauces American Creations) to choose between. This item is one bottle of each including:

  • Ginger Teriyaki: A traditional favorite composed of naturally brewed soy sauce, complemented with more than a hint of ginger, brown sugar.
  • Korean Sesame: The fine taste of naturally brewed soy sauce with a hint of toasted sesame oil, combined with garlic, ginger, and lemon makes this marinade one of our more popular and requested flavors.
  • Black Pepper: A scintillating and popular flavor in Asian cooking, this sauce can be used in countless dishes. A smoky, mild, and versatile combination of soy sauce and black pepper, with a hint of garlic, and the sweetness of pure cane sugar makes this sauce unique and a “palate please-er”.
  • Theo’s Steakhouse: This sauce is dynamic and for more than just steaks. Our Steakhouse compliments the flavor of all meat items. Sweet, heat, and mesquite all combined for a single unique flavor.
  • Hot Wing: The name says it all. “Wings” are as common as hot dogs, sports bars, and Bleu Cheese dressing these days.
  • Kentucky Bourbon: The aromatic combination of all-natural ingredients, blended in perfect measurement, makes our sauce a flavor adventure that will entice you to find endless uses for it in your kitchen creations. .

Elda’s East Meets West sauce combo, Case of 6 8oz Bottles $36

Bachan's japanese bbq sauceBachan’s Japanese Barbeque Sauce: Filled with Umami

You can make amazing meals with this umami–filled, teriyaki-ish sauce! The recipe has been passed down and perfected over generations and this authentic Japanese Barbecue Sauce will tempt your tastebuds.

To stay true to the original recipe, they cold-fill the sauce—which eliminates any need for additives, preservatives, or flavorings. Our crave-worthy flavor comes naturally from delicious, clean ingredients.

Bachan’s is made with real Mirin, premium Japan – brewed Non-GMO Soy Sauce, organic ginger, organic garlic, and green onion. The ingredients are simple and whole – without any preservatives or flavorings.

Bachan’s Japanese BBQ sauce  $13.99

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