Ahoy! TravelPirates Brings the Best Travel Deals!

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TravelPirates has all kinds of ways for smart travelers to save on airfare and more

By Kayla McMillan

Calvin Iverson of TravelPirates.
Calvin Iverson of TravelPirates.

Live the pirate life with these cheap flights and travel deals. That’s TravelPirates.com.

These days, it’s not cheap to travel; and many find that it’s crucial to find the best price for their destination.

TravelPirates.com, a site popular in Europe since 2011 but relatively new in the U.S., curates and presents an

ever-changing assortment of low-priced flights, hotels, packages, and even rental cars. TravelPirates is a free-to-use travel search website and smartphone app.

TravelPirates has a team of “deal hunters” who find, organize and present what they believe are the best deals on flights, hotels, and vacation packages.

Good Values

MGD 1458

In Europe, it’s one of the largest travel portals, with nine million Facebook fans and 10 million app downloads. On HolidayPirates.group, the company states, “To satisfy our customers and offer them a unique value proposition tailored to their needs, we constantly develop and expand our product portfolio.

Not only do we search innumerable websites for cheap flights, hotels and travel packages, we also look for vouchers, bus and train deals. In addition, through our partners’ solutions, we provide thousands of offers from well-known tour operators and airlines.”

In a sense, the big online travel agencies (OTAs) are competitors, yet TravelPirates shows packages from major providers like Expedia, Cheap Tickets, Hotels.com and Priceline (as well as 140 vacation packages and 700,000 hotels) are shown for click-through for booking. While many sites offer search and booking, it’s the ‘hand-picked’ deals that keep customers coming back to TravelPirates.

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TravelPirates has also curated an email newsletter that they call the ‘message in a bottle.’ This newsletter contains the most popular hand-picked deals for the week. Currently, the newsletter has 800,000 subscribers in hopes of travel deals and diverse destinations.

Newsletter deals included a week cruise to Puerto Rico and St. Thomas from $428. Another deal was for a round trip, nonstop flights to Barcelona for six-night including hotel starting at $549!

Five nights in Aruba from $580 with nonstop flights, Airbnb, and car. Flights to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day starting at only $264 round trip. Eight nights in a Bali Bungalow from $703. These are just a few of the thousands of deals you could find when you visit TravelPirates online or through the app.

TravelPirates stands out by using a combination of smart travel search technology and human curators who provide users with unbeatable prices for destinations previously considered unreachable on a budget.

Naturally, there’s an app for TravelPirates too! Available on iOS and Android, this app showcases a feed with the latest travel deals curated in real-time by the company’s team of deal hunters.

This easy-to-navigate platform allows users to customize a deal according to their own preferences with the touch of a finger. Inside this app, users can filter departure locations, destinations, and travel periods for their specific vacation needs. Additionally, once a profile is curated, users can allow push notifications that deliver tailored deals straight to the mobile device as soon as relevant offers become available.

TravelPirates' website makes it easy to navigate!
TravelPirates’ website makes it easy to navigate!

This app isn’t difficult to navigate, but in case help is needed, users can find a video demonstrating the app on YouTube.

In addition to curated deals, the app’s “Booking” page features flight and hotel price comparisons as well as a vacation booking engine, which allows users to secure discounted rates when booking a hotel bundled with a flight.

Since the company launched in the U.S. in 2016, TravelPirates has been finding deals users could not find themselves, including error fares – pricing mistakes airlines and hotels make by accident.

See what Senior PR Manager Calvin Iverson has to say about TravelPirates.com

What makes TravelPirates different from other travel sites like Expedia and Kayak?

A lot of people ask me this question, and I can break it down in a few ways:

Value vs. cheapest fare
Unlike algorithm-based travel websites, we don’t just serve you up the cheapest fares. TravelPirates employs a team of deal hunters who use our own proprietary travel search technology to identify whether a deal is a great value – for example if a flight is a significant percentage less expensive than the historic or average price for that route.

For example, other websites might recommend a flight from the U.S. to Thailand with ridiculously long layovers simply because it’s the cheapest flight. TravelPirates only features deals that our deal hunters have determined are a great value for your money – and your time! We hunt for deals that would appeal to the typical American traveler looking to save some money on their trip and not waste too many vacation days in transit.

We always assess each deal independently to ensure that not only the price is right, but also that the quality also meets our expectations. We only recommend trips that we would be happy to book ourselves.

Travel alerts

On the TravelPirates app, we have an amazing feature. You can enable push notifications and then set up travel alerts for your favorite destinations. For example, if you know you want to go to Paris and you’re just waiting for the right deal to show up, you can save yourself a lot of time by setting up a travel alert for Paris. As soon as our deal hunters find a great Paris deal, you’ll get a notification sent directly to your phone.

Enable push notifications on the TravelPirates app to set up travel alerts for your favorite destinations!
Enable push notifications on the TravelPirates app to set up travel alerts for your favorite destinations!

One-stop-shop vs. specialty in just one category

We find the same cheap flights that you would expect from various flight deal newsletters, but also find the best hotels, vacation packages, and more. Sometimes we’ll feature ground transportation or even entertainment like tickets to a residency show in Vegas. We’re much more of an all-in-one solution than other travel websites.
Free vs. fee-based
TravelPirates is completely free to use, no membership required. Some other travel deals websites require a membership or a recurring payment to see the “best” deals. We treat all of our users equally.

We’re as millennial as it gets.

With over 10 million fans on Facebook, we’re the most popular travel company on social media in the world. We have a dedicated following of millennial travelers and we take care to find the experiences millennials are most interested in. A lot of other travel companies focus on an older demographic.

What is the comparison like to other travel engines like Expedia and Kayak?

A lot of the deals we find are actually bookable on Expedia/Kayak. When you book a trip you find on TravelPirates, we send you to trusted booking partners like these websites to complete the transaction.

travelpirates homescreen

Most people go to Kayak or Expedia when they already know roughly where and when they want to go somewhere. TravelPirates is more of an inspiration source – we do that searching for you and serve you the best value deals available.

When you search on Expedia and Kayak, it’s easy to think that the cheapest option is the best option. We research airlines and hotels extensively and always recommend the best option, which oftentimes is not the cheapest.

Many avid-travelers are constantly checking their favorite search engines for cheap hotels, flights, and packages. As you start planning your next adventure, will TravelPirates help you with your hunt for the perfect destination?

Try Travel Pirates for yourself.

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