Travel Interns Wanted

Travel, Write and learn about online publishing in a GoNOMAD Internship

GoNOMAD Travel in nearby South Deerfield is looking for interns for this summer and for fall spring. We offer a great training for anyone who is looking at getting a job in publishing. We'll show you editorial, marketing, social media and how we make money publishing travel stories. Interns also travel and write about destinations and write articles, do social media campaigns, email and office tasks.

This is one internship that is guaranteed to help you after college, and it's hands-on and it's fun. 15 hours of work weekly, 3 hours in the South Deerfield office 12 on your own.

More than 100 young men and women have been through the GoNOMAD internship program since we began it in 2004. Dozens of articles trips all over the world, and a legacy of learning that's unmatched in the Valley. Publishing is changing and we know which way it's going. From mobile to social, SEO to queries, we can show you how we do it and you can be a part of an exciting web publisher blazing new trails!

Experiences From Current Interns

Anna Levine
Anna Levine

Anne Levine, Umass English major, 2017 Spring intern:

"Interning at GoNOMAD has allowed me to combine my passions of traveling and writing into one. Every week I was researching, contacting and writing about new and exciting places, some of which I had never even heard of before. Max helps his interns write concisely and quickly to produce effective articles for the website. If you love to write and travel I highly recommend this internship as it is a great step towards a travel writing career."

Erika Garnet
Erika Garnett

Erica Garnett, UMass Journalism student:

"My first internship was at GoNOMAD and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I was a spring intern during my junior year of college. The internship could be taken for credit but the experience itself was priceless. The job entailed commuting into Max’s home office once a week for three hours. During that time, he went over our stories with us and gave us a range of tasks to do that never felt like busy work.

"Doing the assignments could sometimes be stressful when dealing with PR consultants around deadlines, but that is anywhere. My weeks became structured around Wednesdays when I would go into the office and get assigned new stories. The expectation for each story was to write around 1300 words by researching the story topics and quoting live sources.

Going on trips yourself are also a possibility! I had the privilege of going to Plattsburgh, New York for an expense paid trip. I was also offered trips to Richmond, Virginia and New Hampshire that I wasn’t able to go on. This is a good opportunity to get hands on experience as a travel writer.

I gained experience conducting interviews over the phone, in person and occasionally by email. My writing skills improved and I learned how to “get right into” the main part of the story, as Max likes to call it. Managing the social media pages really made this internship a full-package experience.

Creating a story was much more than just writing the story. As an intern, you are responsible for getting pictures and then posting them with the story online to Joomla. Every time a story was finished, it was a proud feeling of completing the process all-by-yourself.

Mary Govoni
Mary Govoni

This internship took a lot of time and effort but it makes me feel more capable and prepared to continue my career as a journalist. If you are ready to work hard and write about interesting topics, stretching across the world, then a GoNOMAD internship is for you.

Mary Govoni, Umass Journalism student, 2017

"Writing for GoNomad was an experience well worth the time and effort. I had always loved travel and culture but had never had the opportunity to write about it for an audience. The writing assignments are interesting; I learned a lot about a new writing style as well as a lot of places around the world. You'll be required to do some research and to get in touch with international companies, but it's this kind of work that really helps you develop as a travel writer. It's opened my eyes to the ways in which the publishing industry works, which will be a good experience to speak to when I pursue a career in the field. 

When you write for GoNomad there's also the chance that you'll be asked to take a trip or two to truly experience the content you're writing about. I've been offered free excursions in NYC after writing about a tour company, and I was given the opportunity to spend

 four days in Grenada working with their tourism board. Working in this industry certainly has its perks.

The writing can be challenging, especially on top of school work, but in the end, you'll have the start of your own portfolio as a freelance writer. My internship with GoNomad was an experience that I gained skills from that I'll take with me in both my future career and pe rsonal travel endeavors." 

What She Learned

Mariel Kennison Robertson wrote the text that's highlighted in the box at left; she got her job in part because of her experience writing and editing during her GoNOMAD internship.  Today she's an editor and writer working in content marketing after writing stints at other agencies.

Eleanor Harte
Eleanor Harte
Mariel Kennison Robertson, Director of Content at Mazama Media
Mariel Kennison Robertson, Director of Content at Mazama Media

Eleanor Harte, UMass Journalism student:

Interning at GoNOMAD has been a great experience to learn more about web publishing, editing, and social media.

I learned how to take a story from start to finish.

Max gave me press releases and it was my job to reach out to the contacts and track down the story. I emailed public relations professionals, entrepreneurs, and lifelong travelers to learn more about what they were doing.

I had great conversations and learned a lot about the millions of travel options out there. I talked to people who had started their own businesses by taking their passion for traveling and turning it into a career.

I wrote stories about these people and found photos to match the story. I would publish the story on the website, too; I really was in control of the process the entire time. Max gave helpful feedback about writing tighter, cleaner stories and over the semester I became a better writer. With practice, I learned how to conduct better interviews and get to the heart of a travel story.

It was very exciting when my stories were published online, whether it was the first story or the tenth. I loved posting them on my Facebook page and saying "I wrote this!" Overall, this internship exposed me to a type of writing I’d never done before in an environment that helped me learn. I am leaving with some great clips and more importantly the skills that I need for my career.

Contact Max Hartshorne, editor at editorial at gonomad or call 413-624-6640.

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Max Hartshorne
Max Hartshorne has been the editor and publisher of GoNOMAD Travel in South Deerfield Mass since 2002. He worked for newspapers and other sales positions for 23 years until he finally got what he wanted, and became the editor at GoNOMAD. He travels regularly, enjoys publishing new writers, and watching his grandchildren grow up.