Connie skydiving in New Zealand

New Zealand Highlights by Bus

All Over New Zealand on The Backpacker Bus By Connie Maria Westergaard I do not have to travel anymore. I believe I have seen the whole world in one country. Every imaginable landscape, from glaciers and snowcapped mountains to wastelands, lakes, fiords, waterfalls, sounds, rainforests, beech forests, and rolling green…

Hobbiton in Matamata

New Zealand For Kids page 2

Back to Page One New Zealand For Kids- (continued) by Lauryn Axelrod, Wings over Taupo From Rotorua, we headed to Taupo, a tourist resort built on the shores of a giant volcanic crater lake. The primary reason for going to Taupo was to go Tandem Skydiving, something Josh had always…

Rainbow over Hobart.

Tasmania: Return to the Emerald Isle

Tasmania is the other Emerald Isle By YD Bar-Ness Go to Tasmania. Meet me there. You’ll find it is the place you were dreaming about. You might have to refresh your memory with a glance–it’s the island hanging off the corner of Australia. It has the wildness you’ve been longing…

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Destination Guide: Newtown Sydney, Australia

Newtown: Sydney’s Trendy Heart By Kathleen Broadhurst While Melbourne may hold the unofficial title of Australia’s capital of culture, beautiful Sydney with its sunny weather and sweeping harbor can boast of a few trendy and eclectic cultural spots of its own. Most people who come to Sydney see the sights…

peters pool

New Zealand’s South Island: Splendid Adventuring

New Zealand’s South Island: Splendid Adventuring By David Rich South Island adventuring races the gamut from bungee jumping and jet-boating to paragliding and sky-diving, but after doing it all I found my tastes ran to wet and ice, from Class IV rafting and motor-boating the Marlborough Sounds to tramping around…

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