The Mystery of the Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines in Peru: The Hummingbird Outside My Window By Cassie Silva Start Your Engines… “We’re gonna die, We’re gonna die, We’re gonna die!” I mumble under my breath as the engine of the tiny plane I’m a passenger in finally sputters to life. I promised myself long before…

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Machu Picchu: An Ancient Treasure

Machu Picchu: An Ancient Treasure Threatened by Man and Nature By David Rich The Wow factor of the world’s greatest archaeological treasures puts Machu Picchu near the top, along with Petra in Jordan, Ankgor Wat in Cambodia and Bagan in Myanmar, among others. But when it comes to that most…

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Forget Machu Picchu, Dive Into Lima

By Rita Cook Forget about Machu Picchu on your next trip (or even your first trip to Peru). Indeed, spend some time in the capital of Lima instead. While most people just spend a day or two in Lima on their way to another destination in the country, there is…

Floating Islands

Titicaca the Great: Urcos, Yavari and Sillustani Too!

Massive Lake Titicaca and the Incredible Story of the Steamship By David Rich The excitement reaches a fever pitch in the remote reaches of Peru where it shares the world’s highest navigable lake, magnificent Lake Titicaca, with Bolivia. Here the locals argue which country hosts the caca-part of the lake….

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Peru: Chowhounding from Anticuchos to Zaino

A foodie’s adventure in Peru By Darrin DuFord A Peruvian friend of mine living in the States once squarely told me, “Peru is not known for its cuisine.” Perhaps he held such a conviction because the mountaintop ruins of Machu Picchu soundly dazzle most of Peru’s visitors and overshadow all…

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