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Peru: Andean Women’s Culture

Peru: Seeing Andean Culture Through the Eyes of Women By Max Hartshorne To many people, South America is a mystery that they may never unravel. Between the many language challenges, fears and hesitations, it is unfortunate to miss such a huge range of great countries. For some, though, it just…

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Peru: A Bus and a Bag of Onions

To Pisac Peru and Back By Danielle Balderas The Bus Out Of Cuzco Comfortably crammed into seat number 17, I was grateful to be next to the window at the very least. I settled in for the hour long bus ride from Cuzco, Peru to the famous town of Pisac, which…


Peru | Horsing Around the Other Inca Trail

Peru: Horsing Around the Other Inca Trail By Michael Ward “Where are the horses?” our guide Albizú Segovia asked, a beige hat shading his perpetually youthful face from the Andean sun. “They didn’t follow us,” my girlfriend Katharina and I explained. Albizú looked down at the ground before taking off…

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Peru: A Trek Through The Cordillera Blanca

Hiking the mountains of Peru By Peter Sacco Sun turned to clouds, clouds gave way to rainy dusk, and snow was quick to follow. In the span of fewer than two hours, I went from comfortably warm to freezing. What changed? The sun went down. For all of its majestic…

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