How much does your bag weigh?

Suitcases and bags for Travelers

Sturdy suitcases are a crucial element for frequent travelers By Shelley Seale Recently I decided it was time to try out a new carry-on piece of luggage. Out of several possibilities, I ended up choosing the Tarmac 22 by Eagle Creek. It seemed a simple and straightforward carry-on, with the…

Cabeau Evolution Inflatable Pillow

Pillows and Other Travel Gadgets for 2014

Pillows of All Kinds for Sleeping While You Travel & More New Gadgets for Travelers By GoNOMAD Staff The J Pillow The j pillow is one of the most comfortable options for neck pillows available. It allows you to rest all parts of your head depending on what part is…

vasque mens

Recommended Travel Footwear

The Right Shoes for Your Next Trip: Light enough to take on a journey and fit in a roller bag By Max Hartshorne More and more of our readers say that hiking is one of their favorite activities when they travel. But toting along big heavy boots is no fun,…

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