cambodia bridge

Cambodia: Just Over That Bridge

A Bridge and the Rest of Cambodia By Manesha Pereira Even in the daylight, there was nothing spectacular about that bridge. Metal serpents curved and caressed each other to form regular neat triangles on opposing ends. At its foot stood six cylindrical cans filled to the brim with cement and…

Two young gurung Buddhist villagers walking home after collecting Laliguran blossoms from a mountainside near Pokhara.

In Praise of Walking

 From Great Authors to Aborigines, we all strive to walk for that ‘privileged moment’ “Only thoughts that are reached by walking have value” – Nietzsche, 1889 By Michael Molyneaux Late last autumn, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, I asked a man for directions to La Rosa Negra restaurant. “Well,…


America: Attractive Unattractive Americans

America: What They Think of Us: Some insights on how the world views America By Danielle Aihini Author René Zografos’ latest book, Attractive Unattractive Americans, releasing August 3 is a collection of thoughts, opinions and observations on America from over 1,000 people around the world. Through personal experience and interviews,…

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