Travel by Train

We love to travel by train. Why?  Because it’s the one way to really see the back alleys and vast vistas that await in most destinations. Unlike when you’re in a car on a highway, with the train it’s all about relaxing and watching the view.  No one has to stress out about driving, or watching the other drivers.  Train travel is all about the wide open rails, and the mountains, tunnels and scenes you’ll see while you glide past.

This section has stories about train travel from all over the world, tiny trains that run on narrow-gauge tracks, scenic trains that only run by beautiful landscapes, and cross country trains like Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, the California Zephyr, or the City of New Orleans that travels from Chicago to the Crescent City.  We also have stories about great train trips across South Korea by bullet train, the luxurious train that zips across India called the Deccan, and the trains that ply the humid climate from Darwin to Adelaide, known as the Ghan Railway.

If you prefer to fly, or drive, we have plenty of stories about that too. But if a rail journey perks you up and makes you begin to get excited about a journey, scroll down and pick just a few of these stories to read and  help you plan you own fantastic train travel escape.