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Road to Lalibela

The Road to Lalibela: Cycling Ethiopia’s Ancient Heartland – Page Two By Matthew Kadey At roughly a mile long, it would be wise to make it through this treacherous darkness before any one of many screeching diesels takes us out. Knowing Scotty has made it through here before unscathed is of little comfort as my…

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BikeSherpa: Bike Touring Adventure meets Social Networks

BikeSherpa Combines Social Networking with Bike Touring Adventure By Helena Wahlstrom Social networking is used for just about everything these days, with online groups forming around every interest imaginable. Now bike enthusiasts can take that social group and go on a cycling adventure in Europe with BikeSherpa. BikeSherpa, co-founded by Robert Reimann, aims to take…

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Biking in Pittsburgh, PA: A Resurgent Biking Destination

Biking Pittsburgh’s Transformed Riverfronts By Sony Stark “Cycle tracks abound in utopia,” said H.G. Wells. If that’s true, then Pittsburgh, Pa., comes closer to utopia than any other metropolis in the country. The former “Steel City” has transformed itself into a rails-to-trails showpiece complete with 21 miles to bike, walk, board or blade. The Forks…

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