Chile: Tour the Dientes in the Least Inhabited Location in the World

Lost World Adventures' Dientes Circuit Tour gives tourists a chance to see some incredible views! Garrett Korn Photos
Lost World Adventures’ Dientes Circuit Tour gives tourists a chance to see some incredible views. Garrett Korn Photos

Hike to the “End of the World” on the Dientes Circuit Tour

By Shane Fay

If you’re sick and tired of beach resorts, water parks, roller coasters, and the like, Lost World Adventures offers a special Dientes Circuit Tour that takes visitors on an expedition to the “End of the World,” the southernmost inhabited place in the world.

Whether you and your family are looking for a unique getaway, or you’re a regular hiker looking for your next great expedition, the Dientes Circuit Tour will surely provide a fun and breathtakingly beautiful vacation.

Hikers traveling alongside a pond in the Dientes in South America.
Hikers traveling alongside a pond.

Where is it?

The tour entails a six-day, five-night journey to Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost inhabited place in the world. Tourists on the trek will experience Navarino Island, views over the jagged rock pinnacles of the Dientes, and other panoramic views of Chile.

Hallie Bates, Operations and Reservations Specialist at Lost World Adventures, touches on Chile’s immense natural beauty, saying, “Chile really does have it all! High, dry deserts in the north, fertile agricultural regions in the middle, and Patagonia in the South.

The Andes Mountains to the east and the long Pacific coastline! And don’t forget Easter Island! So much to love in Chile!”

A hiker enjoying the incredible view.
A hiker enjoying the incredible view.

What Will You See?

A better question to ask is what won’t you see? The tour offers a wide selection of opportunities to see various sites.

Before or after the trek, tourists can go to a mountaintop overlooking the Argentine city of Ushuaia, visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park, or take a trip on the Beagle Channel where penguins frolic on the shoreline.

And once you are on the tour, the scenic views never stop. Garrett Korn, a Travel Specialist at Lost World Adventures, provided some highlights of the trip, saying, “The tour is being touted as one of the best, remote multi-day hikes in Patagonia. You will hike through rural roads, in forests, bogs, next to lakes, and up the jagged mountains of the Dientes Naarino Massif.

From the summit of the hike, atop the massif, the hiker will experience amazing views of the Southernmost part of South America including the Beagle Channel, the cities of Puerto Williams in Chile, and Ushuaia in Argentina.

Views of Nassau Bay, the aforementioned cities of Puerto Williams and Ushuaia, the archipelago of Cape Horn, and the Wollaston archipelago will most definitely leave you in awe.”

Hikers heading up a rocky mountainside.
Hikers heading up a rocky mountainside.

What’s Included in the Tour?

The six-day, five-night expedition comes at a starting price of $1677. That price tag comes with a domestic flight, full board including Chilean wine, accommodation for three nights in a campsite, accommodation for two nights at the Lakutaia Lodge, camping gear such as a sleeping bag and mat, the assistance of bilingual guides who speak Spanish and English, and porters for personal equipment.

And if you happen to be starting the tour in Ushuaia, the package will include a boat ride to Navarino Island.

Prices will range based on how many passengers going on the tour. It should also be noted that the price of the tour does not include international airfare.

A group of hikers on the Dientes Circuit Tour.
A group of hikers on the Dientes Circuit Tour.

Why Go on This Tour?

If the pure adventure and scenic views of the various locations that make up this Dientes Circuit Tour don’t make you want to experience Tierra del Fuego’s magnificent natural glory then I would consult a doctor.

Between the picturesque mountains, rural roads, beautiful islands, scenic cities, forests, bogs, lakes, rivers, ponds, valleys, and all of the other counterparts of Lost World Adventures’ trek to Chile’s Tierra del Fuego, it’s hard to think of a reason not to go on this tour.

And if for some reason this trip doesn’t peak your interests, Lost World Adventures has plenty of other unique vacation and tour offerings which you can check out here.

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