More Gadgets for Travelers

What’s New for Travelers?  Folding Sunglasses, Portable EKG reader and more

More Gadgets for Travelers 5

Popticals are sunglasses that fold up into about half the size of a regular pair in a case. This is useful for when you’re tight on space in your back pack.

Popticals PopStar Pop Out Mens Sunglasses (Matte Black, Violet)More Gadgets for Travelers 6 $189

AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG for Apple and Android devicesMore Gadgets for Travelers 7 is a tiny handheld EKG machine, you can use in combination with their iPhone app to measure your heartbeat and EKG level.

More Gadgets for Travelers 8

When you first download the app from the Apple App store, your first measurement is sent to their own cardiologists for a review.  To measure EKG, you simply hold two fingers on two metal pads on the little device and you can see how your phone measures the heart rate.More Gadgets for Travelers 7 $99

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