More Gadgets for Travelers

What’s New for Travelers?  Folding Sunglasses, Portable EKG reader and more

Popticals are sunglasses that fold up into about half the size of a regular pair in a case. This is useful for when you’re tight on space in your back pack.

Popticals PopStar Pop Out Mens Sunglasses (Matte Black, Violet) $189

AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG for Apple and Android devices is a tiny handheld EKG machine, you can use in combination with their iPhone app to measure your heartbeat and EKG level.


When you first download the app from the Apple App store, your first measurement is sent to their own cardiologists for a review.  To measure EKG, you simply hold two fingers on two metal pads on the little device and you can see how your phone measures the heart rate. $99

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