Travel Socks and Other Warm Clothing for Your Next Trip

Here are the season’s best ideas for travelers on the move. Warm clothing for wherever you’re going next year. Craghoppers has an excellent selection of well-designed clothing for men and women and we’ve also found some other items essential for travelers on the move.

Odorless Socks for Traveling

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

MP Magic odorless socks
MP Magic odorless socks

MP Magic socks are the world’s best odorless socks, says their manufacturer. These socks are made from world’s very unique fabrics, These fabrics are not one, but three metal infused: Silver, Copper, and Zinc.

Multiple metals can kill more types of bacteria, the antibacterial effects will be much better than with a single metal. Silver is known as a great antibacterial metal, copper can kill bacterias and it is also a key component of many enzymes, Zinc can reduce the bacterial and odor after a long day of traveling.

This three metal infused technique was applied in Aerospace Industry.  With these functional fabrics, you can take off your shoes without any hesitation. The world’s unique fabrics are only the start, the socks were designed to perfectly match the human foot shape, make that part super breathable and durable!

With metal infused, this socks can transfer heat more efficiently, and more durable!   Two pairs of ankle socks, two pairs of crew socks $42. MP Magic Socks Kickstarter page

Craghoppers Men’s Corduroys and Flannel Shirt

These pants have a solid feel, heavy enough to last, but not so heavy that they’ll drag you down.  They are already slightly faded, and the inside lining is white, giving them a little more heft. Six pockets for all of your stuff.  Definitely a cut above most corduroys in this price range. Craghoppers Bardsey Cord, Ombre Blue, 38″$65

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Craghoppers Bjorn long sleeve checked men’s shirt. Made from soft brushed polyester cotton check in bold seasonal colors, it’s deal for the

cold weather trail or as a casual cover-up anytime.  This shirt has a solid feel and is a great layering piece for outdoor sports or traveling to cold places.    Craghoppers Bjorn shirt $42

Chaos Beanies

For those who don’t mind the skater look, and appreciate warm ears, here are a few new beanies and a neck warmer that we found particularly comfy. It’s fully reversible, has reflective stripes, and is made with PrimaLoft yarns.  Paramount Thompson Beanie   $22

Merino wool tubular headwear by Chaos.

The Multitube has a variety of uses all winter long…from a neckwarmer, to a headscarf, to a balaclava, eight different ways to wear it.  This one is particularly well made, of merino wool with rabbit fur lining.Merino Wool Tubular Headwear  $26.99

Craghoppers Women’s Half Zip and Voyager Hybrid Jacket

This half-zip fleece is surprisingly cuddly and thicker than expected. It’s made of recycled bottles!  This is a great layering piece. In fact, the GoNOMAD writer who is reviewing this swapped out one thick and beat-up heavy down coat and slipped into this and the Voyager Hybrid Jacket and was just as toasty!

“So comfortable!  With a bag to carry it and a special cell phone and headphones pocket! Super duper lightweight but still incredibly warm. I love this jacket! And the fleece is super soft, cozy, and warm, yet stylish. Excellent products.”

Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Seline Half Zip Neck Fleece Top(Venetian Red) $31.50
Women’s Voyager Hybrid Jacket

The Voyager Hybrid jacket is made with Gore-tex Windstopper fabric to the sleeves and body and the breast pocket has a useful feature–it’s an RFID shield to prevent accidental or deliberate misuse of credit cards or passports by blocking radio signals from activating the card’s chip. Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Voyager Hybrid Water Resistant Jacket (Black) $140

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Gant Donegal Blazer

If you’re heading out traveling, do yourself a favor and bring a blazer like this one, made by Gant.  Our Associate Editor Stephen Hartshorne recalls visiting a high-class casino in Germany one trip, and the bouncer at the door only let him in because he was wearing a jacket.

Lesson learned, in some countries, they still wear jackets and ties and this is a very well-made blazer in an attractive dark green color.

This will stand up to many visits to the casino or to the country club, or just to look a little classier when you emerge from the elevator in your hotel on the way to dinner. Go for the high-quality jacket like this, you won’t regret it.  Gant Men’s Donegal Men’s Blazer   $385

Max Hartshorne

Max Hartshorne has been the editor and publisher of GoNOMAD Travel in South Deerfield Mass since 2002. He worked for newspapers and other sales positions for 23 years until he finally got what he wanted, and became the editor at GoNOMAD. He travels regularly, enjoys publishing new writers, and watching his grandchildren grow up.