New Gadgets for Travelers in a New Year

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor


Here’s what we’ve found out there in the world of useful products for travelers.  There’s always a new way to provide comfort, security or ease of travel and we aim to find all of the products to showcase here on GoNOMAD.

Here’s our January 2017 edition of ‘what’s new!’ in travel gadgets.

Tip ‘n Split

This is one of those ‘Aha!’ products…that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. How many times have you been dining at a restaurant with low light, and strained to read the menus? It’s as if chefs pick the smallest fonts they can find, as if we all are 20 years old and 20/20. NOT!

This ingenious device offers a handy magnifying glass at the top, a tip calculator and even a tiny light on the back to make even the smallest text menus and hard to read bills legible.  Just put this into your wife’s purse and ask her to whip it out with the check….of maybe beforehand to read the menu.  $25.25 Buy on QVC

Pillowpacker Pillow

Pillowpacker down airplane pillow.

This came just as I was about to dash out the door on a trip to Antigua in the Caribbean. It’s a five-hour flight, so I was able to test out this pillow. The key selling point, inventor Garry, who’s from Ottawa, Canada,  told me, is that it’s a nearly full-size pillow!  After taking it out of its stuff sack, it really is just a bit smaller than a regular pillow you’d find in your bedroom. Cool!

You have a choice of down or microfiber insides, I chose the Hutterite goose down.  They offer Brome Duck Down (the top end) and hyperallergenic microfiber down alternative. You can store stuff inside this when you’re traveling, the little ditty bag is larger than the space taken up by the remarkably crushable pillow. Pillowpacker Inflatable White Goose Down Pillow Set $129-225 . On a very late night flight, this pillow was a lifesaver!

Mefoto Road Trip Tripod Kit

Mefoto RTAir Roadtrip Tripod Kit
Mefoto RTAir Roadtrip Tripod Kit

If you want to know what separates the amateur from the expert photographer, besides hauling around a huge DLSR, it’s remembering to bring a tripod. Even though it can be clumsy to carry, there is simply nothing as important as a steady place to mount your camera and in low light, you can’t do without it.

Also a group shot using a tripod up high is always much better than another silly selfie. Here’s a compact and sturdy tripod you can pack down to a smaller size for the road. The only drawback is that there is no way to use your iPhone with this.

MeFOTO Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod/Monopod Kit – Purple (A1350Q1P)  $198



This is a solution to a problem you might not know you had–that pesky neck pillow you remembered to bring on the plane keeps falling down and has to be re-adjusted.

Here's how the Pillowtie works.
Here’s how the Pillowtie works.

The Pillowtie is two rectangular-shaped pieces of metal that are joined by a string.  The Pillowtie keeps your neck pillow straight, allowing you sleep comfortable, and according to its inventor, a California chiropractor, it’s much healthier for your neck.  The metal brackets fit over the edge of your airplane seat, holding the pillow in the right place.

Pillowtie (Charcoal) – Head and Travel Pillow Support $14.95

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