Cool Tools and Useful New Travel Products

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

It’s that time of year, when your Christmas list is getting a work out and you might still be stumped for a gift for a traveler you love. Below are some cool new gift ideas –products we’ve come across that might be the perfect ways to finish your holiday shopping.

Talon Pocket Multitool by Tactica.

This looks like a caribiner on steroids, it’s got that same oblong shape but all sorts of little indentations and parts that come out and perform an amazing range of tools. And it’s apparently safe to takeTalon pocket tool. through airport security. I can see keeping this in my backpack, with a screwdriver, bottle opener and other tools right when I need them.

The Talon – Ultra Lightweight Pocket Tool for Everyday Carry is currently on Kickstarter. It can be pre-ordered through IndieGoGo off the Kickstarter website.

17+ tools in one. Airplane carry-on compliant. Made of advanced aerospace & military composite. Does not scratch your phone. Made in Australia. $30.00

Cool Tools and Useful New Travel ProductsBoostSound Bluetooth Speaker by iClever 

Crystal clear and powerful sound for the size of speaker. The professional team of tuning deliver a premium CD-quality audio experience without delay and Two powerful 3W speaker drivers full beautiful melody into your room

Lightweight and compact design. Easy to carry out will not add much weight to your backpack also there is rubber pad on the button so it will not be too light to rattle

Red and Black Metallic Lacquer Design. Fill bright color into your boring daily life sleek stylish surface streamline looking, bring you nice quality hold feeling and looks pretty everywhere

iclever wireless speakerCool Tools and Useful New Travel Products10H Playing Time. Equipped with large capacity rechargeable battery to enable 10 hours of playtime per full charge

Bluetooth V4.0 connectivity. Pairing with any iPod/iPad/iPhone/Android smartphones and other Bluetooth enable device quick and easy. 33 feet B/T range also no problems casting audio thru several walls into another room. With nice control push buttons control the source device to play the next/previous song or play/pause and Easy to disconnect and re-pair with different devices iClever BoostSound Bluetooth V4.2 Speaker(BTS08), 20W Premium Stereo Wireless Speakers with Microphone Up to 14 Hr Playtime for iPhone, Sumsang, iPadCool Tools and Useful New Travel Products$49.00

Cool Tools and Useful New Travel ProductsCool Tools and Useful New Travel ProductsMountcase 2 Bike Forward Mount

Here is a great way to get your GPS, telephone and compass right where you need it when you’re riding your bike.  The Mountcase 2 is very difficult to extricate from its plastic packaging, and once you do, the tiny illustrations are not at all clear about how one is to assemble it.  k

Feather light (2 oz.), super slim, and shock-absorbent daily case and bike-mounting system for iPhone 6 Plus.

100% Rain, Dust and Dirt Proof with included Rain Guard protective cover

Use as daily case or mount to bikes, motorcycles, strollers, scooters, and more

100% Access to touch screen, all buttons, sound controls, and charge/headphone ports

Mounts in seconds to handlebars & stems in vertical & horizontal positions; employs in-bracket safety lock to guard against road shocks & vibrations

Tigra® MountCase iPhone 6+ Plus/ 6S+ Plus Waterproof Slim Hard Case and Bike Mount Kit with RainGuardCool Tools and Useful New Travel Products  $29.00

Wally Agent full grain leather wallet for front pocket.

Cool Tools and Useful New Travel ProductsCool Tools and Useful New Travel Products Like most men, I have had the same wallet for many a year. We just don’t like changing wallets since, well, they’re so close to us and such an important part of what we carry.

I received this new wallet from and when I asked my brother in law to let me look at his wallet, to see how thick it was, he hesitated–men just don’t like handing over their wallets that much.

But after I loaded all of my cards and money etc into this new front pocket wallet, I liked it.  It’s sturdy and soft, and has these tabs you can use to pull out the cards on either side.  I’d say this is an improvement since I was beginning to look like Seinfeld’s George Costanza with my thick black old wallet.

I’m slimmed down now, but it’s still in my back pocket! Distil Union Wally Agent Slim Front Pocket Travel Wallet (Ink)Cool Tools and Useful New Travel Products $79.99

Modarri Toy Car Set  Cool Tools and Useful New Travel Products

Modarri is like legos. For cars. These cars are designed just like regular automobiles, and you can build thousands of combinations. Putting the cars together is addictive. People regularly say they thought Modarri was silly until they sat down and tried it.

We brought a box of Modarris to a holiday gathering, and the kids, ages 4-11, pounced on them and began taking them apart with the little wrenches that come with the set. With dozens of different color bodies and parts, you can make any car you want. Addictive for sure!  In an age of computers, Modarri teaches kids engineering and car design. Modarri 3 Pack Toy Car Vehicle Set by Thoughtfull Toys – Ultimate Car Toy For Kids Includes 3 Cars (Street, Track, Dirt) 9 Safety Cones, 3 Hex Tools – 35,000 Different Die-Cast Model CombinationsCool Tools and Useful New Travel Products $42.99

Rumpl Super Fleece queen sized blanket.Rumpl Super Fleece Blanket

The Super Fleece is a cozy, modern and high-performance blanket for your bed. It’s designed to feel plush and familiar like your favorite hoodie, with all of the performance benefits of technical apparel. It feels like a jacket with a nylon shell on the outside and cozy soft fleece on the inside.  This is definitely a better-made comforter than what you’ll most likely find at a discount store. It’s even water resistant!

DWR knit top face repels water and stains. Anti-microbial fleece bottom face is ultra cozy and repels bacteria. Nanotex on the knit topside shell provides exceptional stain resistance, protecting you from spilled liquids and pet hair.  Machine washable, Stain resistant. 

]Designed with beautiful organic patterns and water resistant fabrics, you’ll stay dry and comfortable while you sleep, wherever that may be– in a van by the beach,  or on your bed.

RUMPL Super Fleece Antimicrobial and Water Resistant Performance Indoor/Outdoor Blanket – Twin – Stone/CharcoalCool Tools and Useful New Travel Products $149.00

iclever four USB charger.Cool Tools and Useful New Travel Products

Boost Cube from iclever

This white plastic cube gives you four USBs in a slim package, quite useful for those of us with too many things to charge and not enough places to do it. If you’re traveling and often bring a big surge protector with you, this will give you the same plug power as the strip, but it fits right in your hand!

iClever BoostCube 40W 4-Port Universal USB Wall Charger with SmartID, Foldable Plug, WhiteCool Tools and Useful New Travel Products $13.95

Cool Tools and Useful New Travel Products

Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles

Bolle Tsar premium ski goggles
Bolle Tsar premium ski goggles

There’s a reason why some goggles cost $24.95 and these go for $103.00. It’s all about fog, quality of the lens, just like with good or crappy sunglasses. Bolle is the top of the line, made by industry pioneers Bushnell.

The Bolle Tsar Goggle offers an obstructed field of vision and classic, dependable style. This timeless goggle features the BFlex shape memory construction that fits anywhere between a small to large sized face, while the 3-layer foam ensures a stable and comfortable fit and feel.  The major difference is in lens types. Less expensive models have cylindrical lenses, which are more prone to optical distortion.

These very high-end goggles have spherical lenses and are made with a Trivex, a material superior to polycarbonate (used for most goggle lenses) in terms of optical clarity, weight and scratch/shatter resistance.

Additionally, the Tsar boasts a fog-free ventilation system, so you don’t have to worry about compromised vision.

Bolle TSAR Ski Goggle, One Size, Matte Green/GrayCool Tools and Useful New Travel Products $103

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