Wild Beautiful Places By National Geographic

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Lika region, Croatia.

This huge picture book contains some of the world's most beautiful photographs, of the world's stunning and wild beautiful places.

Experience the world’s most wild, remote, beautiful places with shots by National Geographic photographers and vintage photos pulled from the National Geographic archives. Highlighting 50 of Earth’s most pristine, scenic locales, this beautiful book is illustrated with stunning images, coupled with accessible, engaging descriptions and practical travel information.

The book covers everything from otherworldly, secluded valleys to far-flung, soaring mountain ranges. National Geographic photographers share some of their favorite shots from around the world and explain how they got them, and historical photos culled from National Geographic’s hallowed image archive highlight old Society explorations in rugged, distant locations, and give a glimpse into the bygone days of these exotic places.

Wild Beautiful Places: Picture-Perfect Journey's Around the Globe.

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