A Traveling Medic Helps Heal the World

Dear Travellers

Avshalom, the traveling medic.
Avshalom, the traveling medic.

There is not a lot about this life that you can truly control, and even if you plan on where to go, what to do and how long to stay on the road, you never really know what could happen and where you might end up.

As travellers ourselves, we have learned to hope for the best, but also to be prepared for the worst.

As a trained medic and traveller of over 10 years, Avshalom has helped travellers with their medical problems all over the world. His experience of aiding so many different people medically on his journey led him to the conclusion that too many people do not know how to care for themselves in both inconvenient and emergency medical situations.

So in 2009,somewhere in East India, he decided to write a book which would become a unique medical guide for travellers around the world. A form of pocket security which would address common and extreme medical situations, and give travellers another way to take care of themselves in case there is no doctor nearby.

This book is not written to create heroes – after all, the best option when it comes to medicine is always professional care and treatment.

It’s designed rather, to help you in times when professional medical care is simply not an option; providing information, preventative action, classic first aid and extended medical guidelines to assist you in a range of common and emergency situations.

The book is written to be used alongside your own common sense – everybody and every situation is different and the difference always needs to be considered.

Written by travellers, for travellers, we have tried to make this as simple as it can be for you to read and use.

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