Modobag: The Rideable Suitcase

Modobag: The Rideable Suitcase

By Emily Johnson

Hate dragging your carry-on suitcase around the airport? Chicago entrepreneur Kevin O’Donnell has fixed this travel problem by creating the first motorized smart luggage.

The Modobag, a rideable suitcase, travels at 8 miles an hour with 6 miles on a single charge. You simply ride atop the suitcase like a mini motorcycle or scooter, a design O’Donnell had help with from a motorcyclist friend. The bag can accommodate any rider up to 260 pounds on a memory foam-cushioned seat.

Modobag: The Rideable Suitcase

It has a dual braking system for riders, but if you aren’t comfortable riding your suitcase, you can walk and use its collapsible handlebar.

Among its advantages as a convenient suitcase are dual USB charging ports, optional GPRS-GSM tracking, and easy access pockets for items like phones and tablets, as well as a 17-inch zippable sleeve for laptops. It has a mobile companion app for iOS and and Android users to locate the bag.

The lightweight bag, which is 19 pounds and has 2000 inches of cubic packing space, complies with carry-on regulations. The quirky yet practical travel bag has been making news since it launched its KickStarter campaign in September 2015.

So purchase your bag for $995 on Indiegogo and let your new suitcase take you through the airport.

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