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Finding a quality gym near your hotel is what GymAround is all about.

Travel Fit=Travel Happy: Connect to fitness centers at your destination

By Kristen Richard

“I travel a lot around the world and I love to stay fit and use the gym. However, I was always very disappointed by the hotel gyms. They usually are very small and inadequate and you feel lonely and not inspired,” said Rob Does, founder of Gymaround. Yoga class can help reduce stress when traveling

Does travels often for business. He began to venture outside of the hotel fitness centers and visiting nearby gyms. He found the cities have a lot of wonderful health and fitness centers to offer, but it is often hard to gain access to them without a membership.

Does wanted to create something where travelers could experience better fitness centers and by doing that allowing them to take inspring yoga classes, push themselves that extra mile, immerse themselves in the culture they are in, and potentially make new friends, “What better way to meet some new friends than by sitting in a jacuzzi together,” says Does. Does created Gymaround, with the slogan : Travel Fit= Travel Happy!

Members have two options. They can either sign up for the free membership which gives them one free download of three gym coupons yearly, a frequent newsletter with tips on travel, fitness, new gyms and the healthy restaurants at your destination, exclusive deals and discounts with awesome companies that support the healthy travel lifestyle, and Access to all club information, reviews and prices.

For $29.00 a year, members can receive Unlimited downloads of gym membership coupons, discounts and special deals in hundreds of clubs, full access to all club descriptions and reviews, the weekly newsletter with tips on travel, fitness, new gyms and the finest restaurants at your destination.

Gymaround user Paul Pardon says, “This is a great way to find quality clubs when I am traveling.”

Fitness classes
Fitness classes at a hotel gym.

After one signs up they use the Gymaround website to look for different fitness centers in the city. They are currently in 500 different clubs in 60 different cities across the globe. Some of those cities include Cape Town, Berlin, London, Moscow, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Dubai. Does hopes to expand to 150 cities. After they locate the center they download the Gymaround voucher giving them access for a discount price. They pay reception when they arrive, there is no prepayment.

Gymaround user Alexander Troy says,“I enjoy the discounts and use Gymaround whenever I go to a foreign city”

Does says that right now the clientele is mainly backpackers. Does hopes to expand to companies to promote a healthlier lifestyle for those traveling for business. “Frequent travelers say the biggest challenges they face, are eating healthy, exercising regularly, and missing loved ones back home. Frequent flying can lead to a state of inactivity and unhealthy patterns,” says Does.

Does hopes to keep expanding and get more travelers live by his Travel Fit= Travel Happy slogan! When one is an unfamiliar place and missing home, Gymaround wants to help by getting one moving, the endorphins flowing, and help them become more connected to the city they are in.

To learn more visit Gymaround.

Kristen Richard
Kristen Richard

Kristen Richard is a journalism major at Umass Amherst. When she is not writing she enjoys photography, running, biking, horseback riding, and finding new places to travel.


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