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Juno portable battery for phones. Great and useful!

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vitalsox Graduated CompressionVitalsox Graduated Compression

By Danielle Aihini

Compression Socks by Vitalsox

Long distance flyers need to be careful to avoid deep veign thrombosis. This is caused when not enough blood circulates to the legs. A way to prevent this is to get up regularly and walk around the plane, and to wear compression socks like these.

The silver ions in the fiber help to prevent unwanted smells and the insulation of the sock keeps moisture away from the skin. Great for any type of activity or sport.Vitalsox Graduated Compression VT1211 Performance Patented Training, Race, and Recovery Socks Pairs with DryStat $24.16 YES

Juno Power HUE ProJuno Power HUE Pro

Portable Battery Charger for Cellphones

This portable battery charger can charge smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, cameras and anything requiring 5 Volts. The battery percentage is clearly visible on the LCD screen It is compatible with a USB power adapter, battery pack and battery charging stations. Use it in any situation, whether your stuck waiting in an airport or casually eating a meal at your favorite cafe. Aluminum Portable Battery Charger. Digital LCD Screen Battery Pack with Flashlight.

With some cafes putting metal plates over their power outlets (to rid themselves of 'cafe parkers') this battery is just what you need if you don't want to give up your spot. GoNOMAD editors also used this battery on a ferry to Martha's Vineyard as well as at two outdoor music festivals. It worked great! Juno Power HUE Pro $59.99 YES

LugLoc Luggage LocatorLugLoc Luggage Locator Luggage Locator by LugLoc
Worried about losing your luggage at a busy airport? By downloading and registering your LugLoc device on the LugLoc App you can place it into your luggage and trace your LugLoc using the app. You can charge your LucLoc using the USB cable while your device is switched on. Once the light turns green, it is ready for use. Lugloc Luggage Locator $69.99 MAYBE

TravelPal Self-inflating BackrestTravelPal Self-inflating Backrest

TravelPal Inflatable Backrest
Slip the TravelPal backrest behind your back during a long car ride or flight and sit comfortably with your TravelPal. Open the valve and let your Pal inflate to your desired firmness. Once you are comfortable, close the valve and relax. GoNOMAD's editor used this in his Nissan Altima to enhance the comfort of the front seat, and we are sure it would be very useful in a plane seat too. TravelPal Self-inflating Backrest $39.99

ZeroWater Travel Bottle FilterZeroWater Travel Bottle Filter

Filtering Travel Water Bottle

This 28-ounce leak-proof plastic water bottle contains a water filter with a color change window to show when it's time to change the filter. You can fill the bottle without removing the lid by flipping the bottle and locking it once it's full. A great way to avoid giardia in a mountain stream...if you trust that this filter will prevent that. Maybe? Not sure.

ZeroWater Travel Bottle Filter 28-Ounce $24.95 MAYBE

Bracketron Mi-T Grip Vehicle MountBracketron Mi-T Grip Dash Mount

Mi-T Grip Dash Mount

Use this Grip Dash Mount for GPS, Smartphone or Media Player while driving and never worry about fumbling with your device again. This small and lower priced bracket worked well during a trip to France as well as for driving around town. Having the phone right on the left side, just like an Uber driver, makes it easier to follow directions on Google maps while driving. Bracketron Mi-T Grip Vehicle Mount $21.87 YES

For bike rides, try the Mi-T Grip Bar Mount that comes with a silicone band to securely hold your phone. It has 360 degree rotation and is great for a long bike ride!

Portable Electric Toothbrush

Dr. White Magic T-stick Dr. White Magic T-stick

This portable 2 in 1 sonic toothbrush has UV sanitizer with a sonic frequency of 22,000 strokes per minute. It is battery operated and comes with a replaceable brush head. This product is actually pretty flimsy and the brush head is very small. It is kind of cool that the brush is santized by the UV light, but truth be told, I'd rather bring my larger portable electric toothbrush than rely on using this, it's just too small to be effective. NO

Nova Mini Portable SpeakerNova Mini Portable Speaker

This portable speaker is good for any type of gathering and can fill a room with music. The device is compatible with iPod, iPhone, MP3, MP4, and laptop. Using bluetooth, you can play music within 33 ft of the device. This device some times works and some times not. Like many Bluetooth devices, it's not always easy to get it to sync. It's also a bit small to really sound that great. Nova Mini Portable Speaker By Tego Audio $50.00 NO

Solar Media PlayerSolar Media Player
This waterproof, solar-powered stereo lets you play music anywhere from your smart phone or MP3. The device can charge itself without having to be plugged in, and there is a little RCA jack that connects easily to your iPhone. Based on the frequent unreliability of bluetooth, I'd highly recommend this good little speaker over the one above. Solar Media Player $49.99 YES

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