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Do you have a trip you need to plan? Try, a new, nifty site that will help you figure out exactly how you want to plan your trip and save your plans for you along the way. You can search and take suggestions from plans other people have made, and used, in the past.

I decided to test out for myself with a plan for a trip I hope to take this coming April to Edinburgh, Scotland, to visit a friend in graduate school at the University of Edinburgh there. So, since I’ve got to get there somehow, what better place to start than transportation-- exactly what Amadeus is here for.

One thing I kept in mind as I get started is that Amadeus is a very new site, and it’s still working out its kinks and weaknesses, and finding its strengths. One thing I quickly realized is that responds best to specificity. When I searched a flight from Boston, MA to Edinburgh, it yielded no results, so instead I tried something simpler-- Boston to London, and found a connecting flight from there.

Another note to keep in mind is that is a non-transactional site. Mainly, this site is a tool to plan your trips with the help of the Amadeus community, to get tips and ideas from plans other people have made and shared through the site. When I picked out a flight, I merely took a suggestion I had been offered- and when Amadeus hits upon a search, it has a lot to offer.

Search flights on Stephanie DiCarlo photo.
Search flights on Here is Boston from the air. Stephanie DiCarlo photo.

Dates, times, airlines, and different locations give the site a lot of functionality. Amadeus returns results to the cheapest flight on the cheapest days to fly, and will help you save money and plan more efficiently.

Lots and Lots of Options

My favorite thing about Amadeus was just how many options it gave me, and once I found one I liked, I saved it as a plan to my account, one I named simply “Trip to Edinburgh.” In the future, if someone, like me, searches for a plan for Edinburgh, my plan may come up in their results to help them with their own planning.

Something people may notice in my plan is that I’d chosen April for my trip. The weather in Scotland in April is much better and more manageable than it is in, say, December or January. While it may seem simple, even the smallest bits of information can help out other planners.

Go to a place like Edinburgh, Scotland. Stephanie DiCarlo photo.
Go to a place like Edinburgh, Scotland. Stephanie DiCarlo photo.

While the community at Amadeus is small right now, it’s growing, and the way to help it grow even faster is if you get over there and check it out!Play Around!

Do what I did, and play around with it, make up trips, and see what other people are planning. Plan your next trip and share your knowledge and tips with other travelers, and help the Amadeus community grow and improve, and most importantly, offer feedback!

Amadeus hopes to help travelers plan cheaply and efficiently, and with the help of other users create a community of knowledge and information.

Plan a trip to the destination of your dreams!
Plan a trip to the destination of your dreams!

In the future, Amadeus plans to add hotels and other functionalities to their site, to further the ease of planning a trip. is a friendly, growing site, and one I will come back to when it comes time to actually book a flight to Edinburgh for the spring- it’s never too soon to get started on planning, and this site is certainly a great place to start.

Try out!


Stephanie DiCarlo lives in Eastern Massachusetts She is a recent college graduate who writes for the young adult literature magazine Ultimate YA and she likes to travel and eat good food. You can follow her on Twitter at @ccioSteph and see more of her photos on her Flickr!

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