New On-the-Go Gear for Travelers

By Stephanie DiCarlo

Divoom Vombox Portable Speaker Bluetooth

Divoom Ongo Portable Speaker
Divoom Ongo Portable Speaker

Stay Up-to-date with the Newest on-the-go Gear Are you the type of person that needs music where ever you go? Or maybe you enjoy audiobooks, podcasts, radio talk shows. Whichever you prefer, the Divoom Ongo Portable Speaker Bluetooth will allow you to listen, wherever you are.

Editor Max Hartshorne found that after the device which was supposed to allow him to listen to his iPhone in the car died, this was an easy fix–use this bluetooth and listen to the podcasts and streaming music from Spotify over this powerful little speaker, sitting in the glovebox.

This wireless device streams clear audio, and even has a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. This device is also wonderful for those who spend time outdoors. It’s splash resistant and built for the outdoors, and has a six hour battery life. Use it while you’re on the move, or lounging by the pool. One “very pleased” user said that they liked the bass it had, for “such a little speaker.” Travel with your tunes! $59.99

Nathan Super 5K Universal ArmbandNathan Super 5k Universal Armband

This “versatile armband” is a great tool to have if you need your music while you run. It’s lightweight water resistant material keeps devices protected, and secure while you move, and it’s clear protective screen make it easy to access your device. Users enjoy it’s comfort and firm, adjustable fit and trust it to keep their devices protected, whether you’re running in the sun or on a rainy day. Buy the Nathan Super 5k Universal Armband for $19.57

iDevices iGrill Mini

igrill mini

If you like to cook, this cool little device will come in handy. All you have to do to use it is set it to the type of food your cooking, select how you’d like it to be cook, stick the thermometer into the meat and let it cook! The iGrill app will send you a message with your food is done, so you don’t have to stick around to check on it.

One user said, “Now I can cook my wife’s steak to medium without overcooking, and I don’t need to stand by the grill to keep checking.” This device has a 150 hour battery life, and will definitly take away the uncertainty of undercooked, or overcooked food. The iGrill Mini is a great little gadget to have, and will certainly help you impress your dinner guests with your juicy, perfectly cooked steaks.

Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

One user described this product perfectly when they said that the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is “geared for people who want to optimize their driving habits to improve fuel economy.” This product will make aware of your driving habits and behavior and will help you to change them in beneficial ways, which will help you “save on gas, always automatic smart driving assistantremember where you parked, diagnose your check engine light, and automatically calls for help in a crash while notifying your loved ones.”

GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne said that after using this device for a month, he speeds less and is much more aware of sudden braking and too-quick departures, which make the device beep. This saves gas and trains the driver on how to drive to save gas. Also when returning from an overseas trip, the feature that shows a map locating your car was invaluable–it was lost in a sea of cars and the little map on the phone led right to the vehicle.

With this product, all you have to do is make sure you successfully opperate the car! It will help you save money – one customer claims they have saved hundreds of dollars! – and be aware of any mechanical problems your car might develop. Buy the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant for $99.95

Brunton Power Battery for Cars

brunton power battery for cars

Has your phone ever died while you’ve been out and about? It’s an annoying problem, and one that can easily be avoided with the use of a car power charger. This car charger will keep all your devices charged for those long car rides where you use too much battery life on music, or after you’ve spent a bit too much time texting.

This all-metal battery has some heft, unlike the small batteries in your iPhone, so it will really give a good amount of juice and keep your phone on for many hours.

The Brunton Power Battery charger works with the 12v power socket in your car, is compact, durable, slim-styled, and lightweight. $22.50 – $61.50

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