Travel Fitness Gear for the Fall

What Are You Packing on Your Next Trip?

Here are some excellent suggestions for travelers on the go!

By Stephanie DiCarlo

Coolibar Travel Pants

Coolibar Travel pants 30 inches

Comfortable, fashionable, and great for long term wear, these travel pants have gotten fantastic reviews all around. Coolibar is known for its lightweight clothing, sticking true to its name, providing wearers with breathable fabric, great for hot days.

No one wants to wear pants when the sun is high in the sky, but for those wary of dangerous ultraviolet rays, Coolibar guarantees sun protection- all Coolibar products provide sun protection of UPF of 50+.

These pants are cool and light for your travels, and comfortable and stylish enough to wear around town, unencumbered by the usual bulky pockets of usual travel pants. At, the Coolibar Travel Pants dry fast, are relatively wrinkle-free, are comfortable and are great for any sort of vacation. The fabric is unlike most pants, as it feels almost more like a shirt. Highly recommended by GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne. $79.50

Tropical Weight Long Sleeve Polo

Coolibar Tropical Weight LS Polo

Similar to the travel pants, this shirt also comes very lightweight and breezy to wear. With soft and breathable fabric, this shirt is great for any traveler wary of the sun and heat.

For many, this polo works as a perfect golfing shirt, and for any activity you find yourself under the sun for a long period of time, this shirt does great to protect your arms and shoulders, and even provides elongated sleeves to stretch over glove cuffs to protect your wrists.

Tropical Weight Long Sleeve Polo $69.50.

Women’s Water Jacket
Coolibar Water Jacket

This jacket is sure to keep you cool even under the hot beach sun. Wearing sunscreen in water will keep you protected until it wears off, but this jacket is guaranteed to protect your skin. The idea of wearing a jacket under the hot beach sun can sound unappealing, but this lightweight jacket keeps you nice and cool, and shaded from the sun.The water jacket comes in an assortment of fun colors- purple, pink, white, and two different shades of blue, you can order one that’s fun and bright, or muted and great for all occasions. Water Jacket $75

Short-Sleeve Cool Fitness Shirt

Coolibar SS Cool fitness shirt

This shirt is perfect to wear for a workout on a hot day. Lightweight and breathable, women runners rave about it. Not only that, but its sleeves extend slightly longer than the normal length of short sleeves, providing your shoulders and upper arms with perfect sun protection.

This shirt will not trap heat in as an average cotton shirt might, but keep you cool as you go with its Cooltech material, which works to lower skin temperature.Short Sleeve Cool Fitness Shirt $45

ASICS Men’s GT 1000 2 Running Shoes

As a relatively new runner, I started out by using $65 Reeboks, and one of my frequent complaints was that they would become untied after a few miles. I tried the old standby, double knot, and they still didn’t stay tied. These ASICS runners with specially thin laces never get untied.

These shoes also provide a dramatically strong cushion for my feet as I run down asphault. These feel much better and don’t Asics GT 1000 2 running shoesget as hot as the Reeboks did when I run a long distance.

The second edition GT 1000 sneakers are lightweight and comfortable. These shoes provide cushioning without being too soft, providing a rigid structure for running feet.All-black running shoes can be difficult to come by. For those who enjoy the comfort of a running shoe but do not want to wear bright neon pink when they go about daily activities, these shoes are neutral and inconspicuous.

You can buy the GT 1000 2 running shoe $62.

Asics Gel Fuji Trabuco

Asics Gel-Fuji Trabuco 2 Trail Running Shoes

The first thing people have to say about these running shoes is that they’re great for comfort. With a cushioned soul, these running shoes will will get you far in comfort, whether you’re running or walking long distances during your travels. These shoes are sturdy and will last through excessive wear and trecks on rocky mountain trails. They are also made with reflective materials to keep you visible when out at night.

Buy the Asics Gel-Fuji Trabuco 2 Trail Running Shoes for $115

Cool and Affordable Shades for Travelers

Unisex Eco Black 1.25 Classic Sunglasses

Unisex Eco RDR-SG Black 1.25 Classic glasses

For traveling in sunny places, sunglasses are a must. These Eco sunglasses are a smooth, simple, glossy black and keep your eyes protected against the sun’s bright rays. Whether you are male or female, these glasses are sure to look great and keep your eyes shaded.

You can buy the Unisex Eco Black 1.25 Classic Sunglasses for $25.95

7300 TortoiseUnisex Eco Black/Tortoise 1.25 Classic Rectangle Glasses

For those who need help seeing things a little more clearly, these glasses will look great on anyone, and at a relatively cheap price, they are perfect for carrying on the go. Rectangle rimmed, you can get them in black or Tortoise pattern.

You can buy the Unisex Classic Rectangle Glasses for $23.95

Guideline Eyegear’s dynamite performance running sunglasses, the Spray are designed for any running endeavor, this frame has a unique vented lens design that increases airflow and ventilation from start to finish. The sprays were born for racing with their lightweight semi-rimless frame and durable 1.4mm Polycarbone polarized lens that are also 100% UV A and B protective and are built for all day comfort and superior performance. $49.95Spray by Guideline Eyegear.

Guideline Eyegear’s classic performance sunglasses, the Jack are polarized sunglasses with a traditional square design mated The Jack sunglasses by Guideline Eyewear.with overused temples. Ideal for sun protection, all-day comfort and classic good looks. This frame is also 100% UV A and B protective and can be custom made for any Rx prescription. $69.95

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