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By Emily Johnson

We have embarked on a new era for sending postcards, so say goodbye to the racks of traditional postcards in touristy shops. Instead, Postly offers a more personal and exciting way to send friends and loved ones a postcard from your next vacation.  To many people, postcards are a throwback to a gentler time, when no one was connected to Facebook, and we didn't follow our friends and relatives around the world on their travels.

In a press release, Postly, a phone app available to iOs and Android, was described as “providing an easy solution for travel lovers to make the most of their vacation photos."

Grab a photo from your phone...and Postly will send it as a regular postal service postcard to anywhere you want in the world!
Grab a photo from your phone...and Postly will send it as a regular postal service postcard to anywhere you want in the world!

Postly boasts its quick process, in which users can take a picture, upload it to the app on their phone and hit send within seconds.  This modern postcard-sending feature has worldwide delivery and costs $1.99 per postcard.

You can open the app and chooses up to six images from your phone’s photo gallery for the postcard. Then, you have the choice of eight image filters and different borders.

You can write a personal message, which will appear on the back of the image in your choice of eight different fonts and nine colors.  In addition, for a more personalized look, you can sign your handwritten signature at the message with a stylus.

Two to Five Day Delivery

After entering the recipient’s address information, you can check out with debit or credit card, PayPal, or ApplePay for a delivery within two to five business days. The recipient will receive the 4x6 postcard through U.S. Postal Service.

Postly is an alternative to uploading pictures to social media accounts if you would prefer to avoid the public platform and send pictures privately and simply to friends. One customer said, “Postly understands that not all chats should be public, and surely some should be reserved for specific audiences.” Another customer appreciated the convenience of sending multiple of the same card to different individuals.

In a March article for “Forbes,” Scott Kramer reviewed Postly and wrote that the postcard both looked and arrived flawlessly, noting the perfect quality of the photograph's lightness, contrast and color. He also said that he found the app to be "a very fun process that's easy to use."

Postly launched in the fall of 2015. It followed Apple’s Cards, an app to customize and share letters which discontinued in 2011 after two years. Download Postly for your next travels, where you can take part in the tradition of sending a postcard with modern technology.

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