Barcelona: A Week As a Model

Model Week: A Dream Vacation in Barcelona

Model Week is pampering, jet setting, photo shoots and everything you'd do if you were a real model. In Barcelona.
Model Week is pampering, jet setting, photo shoots and everything you’d do if you were a real model. In Barcelona.

By Stephanie DiCarlo

Imagine: a week in sunny Barcelona Spain, staying at a five-star hotel located right on the seafront. Your itinerary? To be pampered, wined, and dined like a model every day. You will have your own photo shoots, a shopping trip with an international model, spa and make-up sessions, a cruise and a helicopter ride overlooking the city and seaside. For a week, you are treated like a model. The ultimate holiday.

This is Model Week, seven days in Barcelona of being treated and trained as a model.

The girls who participate in Model Week are not models, nor do they need to have any experience in modeling. In fact, most of them come simply for a spectacular holiday, a week living a fabulous dream.

Of course, some girls come with serious goals and aspirations of modeling and Model Week is a fantastic way to get their foot in the door of the industry. Either way, Model Week is a unique experience open for all kinds of girls. I talked to one of the founders of Model Week, Gregory Lebrun, for more information.

Why Barcelona?

When I asked him, “Why Barcelona?” it really wasn’t much of a mystery. Having been there myself, I can attest to the fact that Barcelona is a beautiful getaway, a city with culture and charm that will steal your heart. It’s also a very modern, very high end city, “the perfect place to start: a city of fashion, lots of agencies, the sun, the quality of life…Barcelona is one of the best destinations for holidays and for fashion.”

Model Week in Barcelona is on the first of what is planned to be a very international event. The idea for Model Week was first born between a tourism expert and a modeling specialist in 2011. Since then, only in the last six months has Model Week turned in a physical concept, starting in Spain with Model Week sessions every few weeks.

La Sagrada Familia an iconic scene of Barcelona. Stephanie DiCarlo photo.
La Sagrada Familia an iconic scene of Barcelona. Stephanie DiCarlo photo.

A Unique Holiday Experience

Model week is for girls who love fashion, beauty, and fun. A day’s itinerary might consist of a shopping session with an international model at her favorite Barcelona boutiques, a makeover by a professional artist, or a professional photo shoot. Not only does one get to experience high end fashion, but she also gets a fabulous week of seeing the city and experiencing what it has to offer in terms of fashion, food, entertainment, and culture.

Also on the itinerary are fabulous meals, cocktails, periods of relaxation in the water and under the sun, as well as an evening out in the VIP section of one of Barcelona’s many nightclubs. A luxury cruise is included, as well as a helicopter ride over the city. These girls are exposed to a fabulous, glitzy lifestyle, a trip to a different kind of world and a wonderful week getaway.

A Look at the Modeling Industry

While most girls come for nothing more than a dream holiday, there are those who come for a head start in the modeling business. Model Week is a great way to get one’s foot in the door. There are numerous photo shoots involved, as well as meetings and interviews with professional models and agencies. Girls participate in fitness sessions and are given experience in what a model should expect from the job and industry, as well as how a model works and presents herself.

Model Week is a “mother agency,” which means that following Model Week, girls have continued support from them. They find modeling jobs for these girls, send their photographs out and follow them as their career progresses.

You might look like these women when you try Model Week!
You might look like these women when you try Model Week!

While Model Week is sure to leave many girls with further dreams of continuing such a lifestyle, Lebrun expressed that while Model Week is an excellent holiday and can give girls the very real opportunity of becoming a professional model, “we are also here to explain to some girls that they don’t have the profile for this career.”Like any job, modeling is not the right fit for all, and Model Week is about teaching the ways of the industry to these girls. But that doesn’t mean one cannot still enjoy the week they are given and take it as a learning experience.

Fun in the Spanish Sun

Barcelona: A Week As a Model 1
Arenas de Barcelona. Stephanie DiCarlo photo.

The atmosphere of Model Week is primarily one of fun. Even for the girl goes into the week with the goal of becoming a model, it is, first and foremost, designed to be the ultimate holiday. When the idea of Model

Week was coming together, the founders “started to receive a lot of asks from girls who simply wanted to live this life of a model, to know the business or simply enjoy a luxury week of holidays.” Many girls merely wanted the chance to live like a model, to take a week away from their busy lives to live out a dream they didn’t plan on actually pursuing.

Even if a girl does not necessarily want to be a model, Model Week is also very much about fashion, and is designed for those with an interest and passion for the art of fashion. Barcelona is one of Spain’s top cities, in history and cult

ure as well as art, shopping, and has a buzzing nightlife. It is, most certainly, a luxurious city, and all of these things are offered during Model Week.

barcelona street scene.
Busy Barcelona Street. Stephanie DiCarlo photo.

Who participates?

Each week, twelve girls live the life of a model in Barcelona. So far, most of these girls have been from the France, the UK, Russia and the United States. In the next several years, Model Week is expected to expand more internationally. Model Week Miami is planned to open in 2016, and in coming years they are planning to open one in Asia as well as Italy.

A Shorter Option

In the future, in addition to opening Model Weeks in various other cities around the world, Model Week END is also set to open in 2015, which is a shorter version of Model Week, for those who desire a shorter, or cheaper, holiday but still desire to get a Model Week experience.

While Model Week is only available for girls, those wanting to make the most of their holiday do not have to go alone. Sometimes, a girl might want to bring her boyfriend or family, and they are offered accommodation and a week organized for them, since they cannot participate in the photo shooting. Barcelona is a city that does not disappoint and promises to entertain anyone who visits, no matter their purpose or interests.

Model Week is still new – only just six months old – but it has been successful in Barcelona and it is definitely something you can expect to see more of in the future, perhaps at a location closer to you. Model Week is an experience unlike anything else, a chance to be pampered and delve into fashion, and most of all, have fun and enjoy!

For more information on Model Week, visit the Model Week Website and watch this video.

Stephanie DiCarlo

Stephanie DiCarlo is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and has a Bachelor’s degree in English and History, as well as a specialization in creative writing. She also writes for the young adult literature magazine Ultimate YA and she likes to travel and eat good food. You can follow her on Twitter at @ccioSteph

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