New and Useful Gadgets for 2014


A round up of some new products to make traveling easier

ETY kids5 Earphones for Kids

etykids ek5 pinkThese low cost, ready-fit earphones are the perfect solution to earphones that fall out while running or that cause hearing loss. They reduce dangerously loud noise to safe levels and improve the clarity of speech and music. These earphones work by reproducing a sound exactly as the ear would naturally hear, only quieter. Regular foam earplugs reduce high frequencies, resulting in muffled speech and music, but EtyKids5 provide almost equal sound reduction (35-42 dB) across the range of hearing.

They are ideal for people who are regularly around loud noises or work in an environment where their hearing could be damanged. Places like airshows, parades, athletic events and motor sports are places that these earphones were designed for. When you're at a concert, ETY-Plugs protect your hearing without letting you miss out on any of the action. They're also ideal for musicians, letting them hear their own instrument and how they blend with others accurately and without distraction.
GoNomad editor Max Hartshorne has found them useful when running as they stay snugly in your ears.

Regular use of these high-fidelity earplugs while practicing, performing and listening to music will protect hearing from the harmful effects of overexposure to loud sound throughout life. EtyKids5 earphones $39.99

iphone lenses
iPhone Lenses

iPhone Lenses

Even though the iPhone camera is getting better, sometimes its still difficult to get the perfect shot. The new iPhone VicTsing Magnetic Detachable Fish-Eye Lens Wide Angle Micro Lens 3-in-1 Kits makes getting better clarity in your photos easier. These lenses are strong and made of Aluminum and the lens attaches to the phone via a magnetic ring. You can use the conversion lens to make the wide angle shots.Wide Angle lens is suitable to take picture of large ranges, such as groups of people, buildings and landscape. IPhone lenses 5.03

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iPhone Tripod

iphone tripodTaking a photo with your iPhone on your travels is now easier if you're traveling alone. New iPhone tripods make it convenient to get the perfect, steady shot without physically holding the camera which often prevents quality shots.

The Case Star Gray and Black Octopus Style Portable and adjustable Tripod Stand Holder includes a camera lock for camera safely. The universal screw allows a variety of cameras to be mounted, and its adjustable 360 degrees legs are made so that you can set your camera at the right height. The retractable holder fits most cellphone (max width 2.6 inch), for example Iphone3GS 4 4S, and a free Case Star Cellphone Bag is included. Case star tripod holder 6.87.

Luxi Light Meter Attachment for iPhone 5

luxiLuxi allows iPhone users to take photos with better lighting. It is a diffusion dome that clips over your iPhone's front-facing camera and allows for more accurate light and color metering. Luxi works with the free Luxi App. This would be of most interest to a professional shooter who wants to have a portable easy to find light meter for a larger camera such as a DSLR. Luxi light meter 34.95 

Joby MPod Mini Stand
Joby MPod mini stand

The Joby MPod Mini Stand is a tripod for smartphones, as well as media players, etc; Ideal for watching movies, Facetime, or taking pictures. One reviewer recommended downloading the Free JOBY self-timer app for taking pictures as when you hit the button to take a picture it vibrates the phone. Works best at a horizontal angle. Small enough to be portable but sturdy enough to support most phones/devices. Joby MPod Mini Stand 14.95.

To go Power Key Chain Charger and Cable for iPhone 5
The To go power Key Chain charger is perfect charger for those on the go. Attachable to your Keychain so you always have a way to charge your phone. Also equipped with a USB port the To go charger is ideal for travellers. When your'e out and about and you left your charger at home or at a hotel its a godsend to still be able to charge your phone. This has Apple's newest model of charging plug so it will only work for the iPhone 5. Togo power key chain $39.95
Togo power key chain charger

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iHome smart sleeve

iHome Smart Sleeve
The iHome smart sleeve is a convenient case for storing all of your devices. In addition to having space for a Macbook and an iPad, it also has separate compartments for headphones, chargers and other accessories.

The compartments for the Macbook and iPad are also plush lined for protection. One user review also liked the magnetic closures which allow for easy access to her iPhone, headphones or outside pocket. The case is lightweight with a comfortable strap but also small enough to fit inside a suitcase if need be. iHome smart sleeve $43.88

Wicked Audio DIVVY Y-splitter

Wicked Audio Divvy headphone signal splitter
Wicked Audio Divvy headphone signal splitter

If you've ever wanted to share a tune with a friend, or perhaps you both wanted to watch the same movie on a laptop during a flight, here's a $10 solution to a common problem. This little gadget will take two headphone jacks and play them in one device. $9.99

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