New Travel Gear for 2013

2013’s Latest Travel Gadgets and Gear
By Alyssa Pirrello

The Wedge by Toddy Gear


The wedge is a triangular beanbag that allows your phone, tablet, GPS, or other electronics to stand up without having to remove their cases. The beanbag is dual purpose, for not only does it work as a stand, but it also can be used to clean the screens of electronics.

One side of the beanbag is plush, so it can be used to clean screens, and the other side is silky, which can be used to polish screens. Another bonus of the wedge is that it is machine washable, so it won’t be ruined if you spill something on it. There are over twenty different styles of The Wedge, each one costing $14.99. The wedge.

The Home Button Set by Toddy Gear

Looking to make your phone more unique? The Home Button Set by Toddy Gear provides an easy way to add your own personality and creativity to your phone. The Home Button Sets each have seven stickers to stick on an iPhone’s home button. The buttons’ adhesive is long-lasting, and it is easy to put on and remove. Currently, there are three different sets of buttons available, each one costing $7.99. The Home Button Set.

The Girly Go Garter
Girly Go Garter ThumbnailThe Girly Go Garter is a Velcro lace garter that has pockets for women to store their cell phone, money, credit cards, passports, keys, and more. As a young woman, I definitely see where the idea for the Girly Go Garter came from– being pick pocketed or having your passport stolen can be a nightmare while traveling.

However, the Girly Go Garter doesn’t seem like the greatest way to avoid losing your most precious items. The pockets are lace on one side, and it felt like keys could easily rip through that lace. It was a bit difficult to fit an iPhone in a case into the pocket, and passports were a little wide.

Personally, I wouldn’t use this product purely because I’d be worried that the lace would break and I would end up losing the most important things I need while traveling. $35.00

Divoom Bean Bluetune

bluetooth beanThe Bluetune is a tiny portable Bluetooth speaker- it’s only about half the size of a soda can. Even though this speaker is small, it’s still loud- playing up to 80 dB. The speaker runs off of a rechargeable battery that lasts eight hours, so you don’t need to worry about being near an outlet to listen to music or make a call. The wireless play feature works up to 10 meters away, and there is also a built-in microphone for hands-free calls.$29.95 Divoom Beam Bluetune.


Hanging Toiletry Kit by Briggs & Riley

Maximize space while traveling with a hanging toiletry kit from Briggs & Riley. This toiletry kit has a hanging loop that allows travelers to conveniently hang the kit in a shower or closet. This is a well-made piece of luggage that every traveler needs. Briggs is one of the finest names in luggage so this is well made and feels sturdy, unlike a few other samples we’ve been sent over the years.

The kit has many features geared towards organization as well, including slip pockets, elastic loops to hold razors or makeup, and large compartments for bigger items.

Additionally, the kit also has a water resistant zipped pocket for liquids, so you’ll never have to worry about something breaking in your carry on and ruining your clothes again. $49.00 Hanging Toiletry Kit.


Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones by Sol Republic

These practically indestructible headphones have great sound, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from a set of headphones that are endorsed by Steve Aoki and deadmau5. In addition to the sound quality, the headphones are also the first set of customizable headphones to exist.

Simply switch the interchangeable headband or cable for a new pop of color. Headbands and cables are sold in many different colors and designs, and they are both sold separately. They’re way less than half the cost of Dr Dre’s Beats, and almost just as good!

Taking care of these headphones is easy with the slim-fit waterproof carrying case, but even if you manage to break them within the first year, it’s okay because they will still be under warranty. $108.95 Sol Republic headphones

Subtech Dryskin waterproof skin for iPhone 5
subtech-iphone-5-dryskinThis product took us a little while to believe. But it’s true…watch the video on YouTube showing someone dunking their prized iPhone 5S into the waves after securing it with this clever gadget. It’s pretty simple–a rugged plastic bag that fits tightly around the phone, and where the opening is, a special sticker is applied to seal it all up. You can shoot underwater photographs with this, and reuse it up to three times.

One huge downside however–when I tried to use Facetime with the Subtech on the phone, my caller said that it was all blurry. The plastic that keeps the phone dry isn’t clear, so you can’t really shoot photos with this underwater, which was one of the bragging points. So if you want to be safe from toilet drops or rain, you’re fine, just don’t try to use the camera with it on.

The pack includes three stickers and two tough plastic bags built for the phone. It is also made for Samsung Galaxy and iPads. $24.95

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Alyssa Pirrello is a former Editorial Assistant for Travel. She graduated from UMass Amherst.

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